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Women Plus Size Stylish Outfits For Spring And Summer

Who said that plus size women this spring summer should only wear dark tones, wear loose clothing, avoid patterns, lighter or livelier colors? Yes, nothing more false. Are you part of the women’s group, with a height of less than six inches, and a few extra pounds? So learn how to disguise the grease and gain a few extra inches, and feel stylish, comfortable and fashionable this spring summer.

Women Plus Size Stylish Outfits For Spring And Summer

Blouses and shirts

The models of sweaters or shirts more fluid are ideal for who pretends to disguise the zone of the belly. Ideally, the piece should be mid-hip and should have a round shape at the bottom.


Choose coats that end mid-hip in order to enhance your curves and look smarter. Coats when worn open also help lengthen and sharpen the silhouette. Prefer 3/4 sleeves, because this type of sleeves, whether in sweaters, tunics or dresses, are ideal for camouflaging the extra fat and flaccidity of the arms, giving a touch of elegance and class. You can also opt for knit or elastic fabrics, adapting to body movements, making it more stylish and comfortable at the same time.


Extremely versatile, the dresses love the “little gossip”! The V-neck dresses and strokes, which end in the area below the chest, as well as more fluid in the lower part, will mark the leaner areas of your body. Models of dresses, such as empire cut, ball, tube and line, are the ones indicated to disguise a few extra kilos and create curves where they do not exist. You can choose patterns that give the illusion of a more elegant silhouette, as is the case with diagonal stripes. Wear a distinctive collar or shoes that divert attention to this part of the body. Choose knee-high dresses.

Look monochrome

A monochromatic look, that is, of a single color, will lengthen its silhouette, giving the illusion that it is taller and more elegant. Although the darker colors do not put so much evidence in the body, bet in bright, lively and clear tones, for the most important is the dress model. If you want to tune the center of the body, opt for a dress or two-piece set in a darker shade underneath, wearing a 3/4 length open coat.


If you like cheerful patterns and bright or lively tones, whether ethnic, floral or geometric, then know that you have a wide range of options available. In fact, you do not have to hide your body, using dark colors and neutral tones if your personality is fun, extroverted and exuberant. However, you should respect your biotype when choosing the model that most values it. Structured dresses, with 3/4 sleeves, draped in the chest area and draped, are always good bets.


To lengthen the legs, the ideal is to wear skirts a little above the knee and nude shoes, with the tip in the beak, because they give the sensation of having legs longer, soon thinner and elegant.
Shoes with buckles, boots or boots, make your legs look shorter and thicker.

Waist up

Pieces of clothing with raised waist, lengthen the silhouette and mark the waist. In this way, your legs will look longer, compared to the trunk, providing a more elegant look.
Choose straight cut pants in dark and solid shades as it makes the ideal balance of your silhouette.

Vertical stripes

Pieces of clothes with vertical stripes, sharpen the silhouette, giving the feeling that if it is more thin, and gives an extra centimeters to the lower part of the body. If you have a wide hip, prefer medium or thin stripes.


Looking for perfect jeans seems like an almost impossible quest, but it’s not. The jeans that most favor a woman plus size, are the “straight leg” or “boot cut” models, namely those that settle on the hips and not the models of lower waist. To get the most out of your jeans, put your shirt or sweater over your pants. The flare pants or the wide pants, great trend of this spring summer, are also a good choice, creating the illusion of narrower hips.

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