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If there’s one thing a woman likes, she’s buying clothes. The impression is that it relieves stress and renews their self-esteem. But who is a woman must have been frustrated when going out to shop, find the clothes that she considers perfect and have it done: she perceives several negative things and ends up not taking the piece home.

It was thinking about this that we went behind and selected 8 things that every woman hates in women’s clothes, but unfortunately they find it.

1 – Unique sizes clothing

It is very common to go to a store, look at a blouse or dress and be disappointed to find that you can not choose the piece in its size because the person who made the clothes adhered to the famous “unique size.” As if all women had the same body. Someone will still understand the minds of these seamstresses and resellers.

2 – Pants that only increase in width and not in size

Those who are tall know and understand what we are talking about. One of the worst pieces of the women’s wardrobe to buy are the pants. This is because the vast majority are not as fulfilled as expected, and when dressing, comes the frustration: small. It may even be fashionable, but sometimes they just want a simple pair of pants.

3 – Fake pockets

Another thing that women will never understand is the reason it takes someone to create a costume and sew it with fake pockets. This artifact is necessary in the day to day and, often the woman suffers because the ones in the pants, skirts or sweaters can not be used.

4 – Mini skirts and dresses that do not “grow” proportionally to the width

Just like pants, buying skirts and dresses for those who are tall is very difficult. This is because it is not so easy to find a piece that, when wearing, size is cool. In some clothes they want to leave their legs very exposed, but in others, not so much. However, those who are tall sometimes have no options.

5 – Clothes that do not give pair to wear bra

Bra can be an uncomfortable object, but leaving the house without it sometimes does not. Buy women’s clothing and come across the lack of choice in power or not wearing bra is terrible. Most of the time the woman simply gives up taking the piece home.

6 – Blouses that do not come with extra buttons

Who has never lost a button on a blouse that throws the first stone. The drama increases when the woman discovers that the piece did not come with any extra object. And that’s when you start the challenge of running the city behind a seamstress with a similar button, or changing all of your clothes to be the same.

7 – Short zipped pants

Whoever is woman shares the grief of seeing a pair of pants, finding them beautiful, and then all the joy comes out after discovering the size of the zipper. Nothing against zippers. The problem is that, generally, this type of clothing model with such an object usually spoils easily.

8 – Clothes that stain easily and need special care to wash

Juice, wine, soda or even a type of soap sometimes need to be avoided by the woman because the clothing she is wearing does not remove stains so easily. If there is one thing that female people like in clothing is handy, come across a blouse, pants, dress or shorts that need to be washed separately also disbelief and discourages any woman.

Are you a woman and would you like to add one more thing to our list? Leave your comment here. And also share with your friends.

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