Did you already know that there is an isolated tribe, from the Himba people, where the female breasts are not considered erotic? Within this culture, the female breasts are seen only as a common part of their bodies, and have the sole and exclusive function of breastfeeding and feeding the newborn.

What is more curious is that when an American photographer went to record pictures of the women of that region and told them that it was from there that men saw the female breasts as objects of sexual desire, they just laughed and made the statement: “They they’re just baby booties. ”


Well, although the culture of a people influences and be virtually determinant when it comes to this, we can not ignore other external factors, such as our own evolution and nature.

We humans are also animals, and even if we involuntarily value physical characteristics that are obvious signs of fertility and health when it comes to reproducing and finding new partners.

It is obvious that each individual will have his personal preference, after all, however much we do not interest ourselves in someone, just because of their appearance, yet there is something extremely strong and that is one of the weapons of our nature, the attraction.

To confront this exactly, nature vs. culture, a survey at Charles University in Prague was conducted. The goal was to find out if there was indeed a pattern of breasts that would naturally attract men more.

The result of this research, which was published in the ” Daily Mail “, revealed something quite interesting, and that ended the famous myth of “the bigger the better.”

That’s it! Large breasts were not the first choice of the 276 men who were evaluated.

To cover the cultural factor, adult males from 4 different countries, Brazil, Cameroon, Czech Republic and Namibia, which is also the region that hosts the Himba tribe, were quoted at the beginning of this article.

In order to arrive at concrete results, two sets of images of different types of breasts were shown to the participants, who should mention which ones she liked best.

After evaluating all the sets of responses, what the study revealed is that the male world preference is for the medium-sized but firm breasts.

The second place on the other hand, was actually conquered by the large breasts. But one of the patterns remained unchanged, the preference for firm breasts.

The results of the research also concluded that the biological factor can actually overlap with the cultural factor, since during evolution, men began to choose partners who had strong fertility and good health, and thus were a strong candidate to feed and generate good children.

The stiffness of the breasts in turn is the biggest indicator that in fact a woman will have excellent breastfeeding conditions regardless of the size of her breasts. So the idea that bigger breasts are more efficient in this feeling is not real.

All this can be explained as a consequence of a rather simple factor. The younger a woman, the greater her chances of possessing firm breasts, which gradually with the help of time and gravity, tend to fall.

Young women are exponentially more fertile than women who are past their reproductive years, and the size of the breasts no longer changes after we leave puberty.

The conclusion was, that there is no standard of real beauty when the question is breasts, (and we all already knew), what weighs for men, even if unconsciously are still their chances of reproduction.

It is worth remembering that various sizes and sizes of breasts exist, and that each of them has its beauty, sensuality and worshipers!

And then dear readers, could you imagine that the result was this? Tell us people down here for the comments!

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