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Wedding Guests Fashion Taboo: What Not to Wear to A Wedding

Going to a wedding party is really fun. You’ve got to get to wear your best dress and paint your best with the prettiest makeup, yet you’re not the one who is about to commit forever with somebody new so you don’t get all stressed out to make everything work. Wedding guests always seem to be in a beauty pageant: everybody tries to present their best, prettiest self. While it is fun an all to be creative in expressing your joys for the bride and the groom, there are some fashion taboos for wedding guests that you should never break. Here are some of them:

Wear White or Ivory Dresses

White dress

Or just about anything along those lines. This is actually pretty obvious. You’re not the bride, so don’t give the impression that you are. You don’t want to steal the spotlight and receive congratulations on NOT-your-big day. So no whites, no ivories, no off-whites. Instead, choose pastels or pinks. Some families are also sensitive about those colors when worn by wedding guests.



Even if you love denims so much and you know how to look good in it all the time, it is not the right time to wear any variety of it during a wedding party. Unless the wedding has a specific theme which requires wedding guests to wear jeans, avoid it at all cost.  Wear trousers instead.



Just like denims, shorts of any formats are never okay, whatever it is made of. Even if the wedding is during the summer. You can wear some skirts instead.

Black dress

Black dress

Wearing black to a wedding party is still controversial: some people think it’s okay for wedding guests to wear their party black dresses, but for some others? It’s a big no-no. So choose blue instead or if you really love black, make sure it’s not a simple LBD. The dress should at least have ruffles or flowing characteristics.

Super short dresses

Short dress

Wearing something way above your knee is a class act to do as wedding guests. While clothes that reveal a lot of skin can be sensuous, a wedding party is not the right place to do it. Choose something that cover more of your body.

Flip flops

Flip flop

You’re not at the beach, and even if it is a beach wedding, plain, flat flip flops are not meant to wear to a wedding. It can be seen as rude to the people who invite you. If you hate wearing heels, try some wedges or platforms or even some cute sandals. Show that you are trying to respect the dress code.

See-through outfits


See-through  shouldn’t be worn to a wedding party. Sheer dresses are different and wedding guests are completely okay wearing them, so choose them instead.

Plunge neck lines

Deep v

Deep V and plunge V necklines better be left inside your wardrobe during a wedding party, but their cousins like V, boat, sweetheart neck lines and strapless dresses are good.

Animal Prints

Animal prints

You’re not going to the zoo! If you like patterns so much, try polka dots, florals, or other cute patterns.

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