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Shailene Woodley’s Gorgeous Short Hair Pics

If you are young women looking for new and stylish short haircuts, here are Shailene Woodley’s Gorgeous Short Hair Pics that we have collected for you to get some inspiration!

1. Shailene Woodley Gorgeous Hair

Shailene Woodley sports really cute and chic short haircut with highlights and messy style.

Curly Bob Hairstyles

2. Shailene Woodley Bob Cut

As you can see she sports side parted slicked short bob hairstyle with blonde hair color.

Shailene Woodley Short Haircut

3. Layered Haircut

Layered pixie cuts with long side bangs are perfectly fits almost any women.

Shailene Woodley Hair

4. Pixie Hair Style

Voluminous hair on to will give a really cool and chic style to pixie cuts with thick hair.

Shailene Woodley Short Hairstyle

5. Straight Pixie Hairstyle

Layered short hairstyles like hers are really face framing and look nice.

Shailene Woodley Hairstyles

6. Growing Out

If you are growing out your pixie cut into bob this pixie bob would look great on you!

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-6

7. Classy Look

here is a cute yet classy pixie cut with honey blonde highlights and chic style.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-7

8. Cute Pixie

Here is another choppy layered pixie cut with cut style and blonde hair.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-8

9. Side Parted

Side parted wet looking pixie cut with long bangs and red lips complete each other.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-9

10. Slick Back

Slicked back hairstyles are perfect for special occasions whether you have pixie cut or long hair.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-10

11. Side View

You can see the side view of her pixie cut with dark hair color and highlights.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-11

12. Messy Hair

Messy styles are really popular and layered pixie cuts can give you texture to your hair.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-12

13. Sleeked and Classy

Looking for a classy and slicked hairstyle for special events? Here is a cool example of it:

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-13

14. Cool Style

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-14

15. Braided Pixie

You can add braids to your short hairstyle to create this cute look.

Shailene Woodley Short Hair-15

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