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The Pantacourt even came to stay. The short pants , with legs wider, is the passion of the fashionistas of the Northern Hemisphere and here, the Brazilian is also enjoying using it, overcoming the barrier of prejudice that is not an item for all .. The Piece is delicious because besides being fresh, it is comfortable. Another great advantage is that the pantacourt can and should be worn all year round in the summer with sandals , sneakers , sneakers , etc. and in winter with high boots (the ones with the low can cut the silhouette and flatten, so be careful with this composition) or even with thick socks and a half paw / scarpin sandal. It is a feminine piece, wildcard and at the same time trend, for those who want to dare wearing something fashionable, but with a piece that will be eternal.

About power or not to use, these are the tips so that everyone can make use of the pants of the time, feeling comfortable and safe, forgetting “forever” the “rules” that the “fashion universe” says about it, out there:

  1. Low – The suggestion is to use a length of pantacourt that ends just below the knees, leaving more skin on display when wearing sandals, sneakers, flats. Bet on heeled shoes (at least a little) or invest in nude color items that lengthen the silhouette. But most of all, DO THE MIRROR EXERCISE. If you want to wear your pantacourt without heels and longer crotches, with shoes without heels, wear the look, look at yourself in the mirror and see how you feel. If you are comfortable, safe and happy when looking at the look, USE IT !! The only rule that exists is to feel good about clothing. Do not look out, look at you! I have done a lot of this exercise with followers and clients of Image Coaching, who are very surprised by the result and using pantacourt all the time. Try it and tell me.
  2. Curvilinear – Use dark colors and opt for non-textured, opaque fabrics with no glare. Avoid prints, especially colored ones, that give volume to the silhouette. Choose very wide and fluid models.

Wear what makes you happy, forgetting once and for all the dislikes of the fashion world. Just a mirror and dare to wear the look before standardizing, to feel the result, already changes everything! Try it! STREET STYLE TIPS

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