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People, nowadays it is very difficult to be without a smartphone, right? After all, with it our routine becomes much more practical! And the best thing is, with so many different models out there, there’s always one that’s perfect for you! But if you get a little confused with so much legal choice and do not know how to choose the best handset, you do not have to worry, have you? Come with me to see the tips I’ve separated to help you!

How To Choose The Ideal Cell Phone

What is the best screen for me?

The size of the screen is a very important item for you to evaluate when buying your smartphone, ok? Since the smaller it is, the easier it will be to handle the phone with just one hand, and it will fit better in the pocket of your pants. Now the models with bigger screens are incredible for those who enjoy watching movies and series in the palm of the hand!

If you prefer a compact cell phone but with a quality screen, the Sam sung Galaxy J1 Mini might be a great choice! Do you know why? It has a 4-inch screen, with a design made to fit comfortably in your hand. And to show that size is not document, it comes with a quad-core processor for you to surf the internet, send messages and use social networks without problems!

Now, if you want an intermediate size, a good option is models up to 5.5 inches, okay? The LG K10 Novo, for example, has a 5.3-inch screen and still takes beautiful pictures with the 13MP rear camera and the 5MP selfie camera, so you can rip off your clicks!

And there is an option for those who love a big screen, see? The Galaxy Note 8 has an incredible infinity of 6.3 inches, which occupies almost the entire front of the smartphone. The screen is so big that it even comes with a feature for you to use 2 apps at the same time, without the information being difficult to see! So much more practical, huh?

Choosing a good processor is really that important?

The processor is the brain of your smartphone, you know? Yeah! It has to be very good indeed, and the faster it is, the easier it is to open up heavy applications or do multiple things at the same time on your phone without it slowing down or giving those boring pranksters, you know?

If you just want a cell phone to take photos, access social media and read e-mails, you do not need such a powerful processor, okay? Even because, he is one of the main responsible for the price of the device.

Simpler devices usually come with a quad-core processor, while the more powerful ones use eight-core or octa-core processors, you see? The more cores, the more brains working at the same time to perform the tasks. Cool huh?

Now, I’ve separated some situations from day to day to help you decide which cell phone is the right processor for you. Just see if the answers below hit yours, okay? Just take one look:

  • Only use the smartphone to mess with Facebook, send messages to WhatsApp or play Candy Crush. So some great smartphones in this case are the LG K8 , Zenfone 4 , Galaxy J7 Metal and Moto C Plus .
  • Uses a lot of social networks, stays connected and wants to play GO Pokémon and other more modern games. How about knowing more about the LG K10 Power , the Galaxy J5 Prime or the Moto E4 Plus ? They are amazing!
  • Never take your smartphone away! Likes to record videos and edit everything on the phone itself. Also enjoy watching series and playing the newest games (Read about Games Here (enhance your personality skills through gaming). The Moto Z Force 2 , the LG Q6 Plus , the Sony Xperia Premium XZ , the Galaxy S9 and S9 + or iPhone X are a great choice for you!

Now, I have one more special tip for you, okay? When buying your cell phone, take a look at how many GB (gygabites) of RAM it has. It helps the cell phone to process a lot of information at the same time. In this case, even if the mobile processor is not one of the fastest, the RAM gives you support!

The ideal nowadays is to choose a device that has at least 2 GB of RAM. On top of the line models you will find up to 6 GB of RAM.

Can you get a good camera without spending too much?

Of course! Not always the most expensive smartphone is ideal to take pictures of the way you want, you know? Yeah! One that is super cool to use as a camera and is not that expensive so Zenfone 4 . They’re two 12 MP and 8 MP resolution rear cameras, perfect for taking those unfocused photos, you know?

Now if your business is taking selfs, the Galaxy A8 may be the right model for you! This model has two front cameras, one with impressive 16 MP and one with 8 MP! And the cool thing is that he still has the beautification feature, to take away the imperfections of the skin and razzle in his new profile photo!

Another amazing camera for photographers on call is the Xperia XZ Premium camera which has a 19 MP rear camera and a 13 MP self-camera! But the highlight even goes to Super Slow Motion technology! After all, with it you can record slow-motion videos like the ones on the TV, water balloons popping up or a hummingbird flapping the wings, you know? That makes it easy to be professional, huh!

But for the sake of error, you can invest in a top-of-the-line smartphone such as the iPhone X which, in addition to the two 12MP rear cameras, comes with a feature called Portrait, which adjusts the front camera’s illumination for you to take a perfect selfie!

How much memory do I need to have on my cell phone?

Folks, when the storage memory – which is the one in which your files are stored – is almost full, usually the device slows down and starts to crash.

Nowadays, with 16 GB of memory, you can have the main applications on your mobile without problems. For example, the LG K8 and the Moto E4 Plus are like this. Now, if you like lots of space to store photos, videos and other files, it’s worth investing in a 32 GB model. But this is just average, okay? It has mobiles with up to 256 GB for you to use as the iPhone 8 Plus!

In addition, the good thing is that almost all devices with the Android operating system can use microSD memory cards to increase this capacity! That is, if you need more space, just insert the card into your phone and you’re done! This way, you can rest easy to take lots of pictures or download all the applications you want.

Now, if you prefer iPhones, then you have to buy your cell phone already with the right amount of memory you want to have, see? Is that in Apple devices cannot expand the capacity.

And how do I choose a cell phone that does not run out of battery all the time?

It does not matter if your smartphone has many features if the battery runs out quickly when you use only a few of them, right? Normally, a smartphone with more than 3000 mAh is enough for you to spend all day with it away from the power outlet!

In that case, the Galaxy J7 Neo is great. Already Quantum V gives a show with a battery of 4000 mAh, so you stay a couple of days away from the power outlet. Now, if you want to make heavy use of your phone without worrying about the battery, your model is the Moto E4 Plus: it’s 5000 mAh capacity!

Which operating system should I choose?

Look, the operating system is like the personality of your cell phone, you know? For example, Android, from Google, is tuned and adapts very quickly to the look that is fashionable. Apple’s iOS has its own style! But the difference between them goes way beyond appearance, okay? Calm down, I’ll explain!

IOS only works on Apple smartphones, which are iPhones. Who chooses it usually wants practicality in the day to day, since with it is quite easy to do anything! Oh, and iOS is also pretty secure, because only Apple can authorize the launch of applications.

On the other hand, this system is not very cool for those who like to leave the phone with their own style, since you cannot customize much of it. The advantage is that, as it is developed by Apple itself, it is made to take full advantage of all the features of the device!

Android is great for those who like to leave the smartphone with the face you want and love to test new applications! And the good thing is also that several companies use this system on their handsets. So, cell phones like those of LG , Motorola , Samsung , among others have Android!

Oh, and every manufacturer can still make changes to Android in every mobile model, like installing exclusive applications or creating differentiated functions to make it easier to use, such as opening and closing a hand to take a selfie or even use the iris to unlock the screen of the device!

That is, choosing a new smartphone is easy! Just know what you need for your day to day life.

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