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Exquisite Flower Tattoos to Embrace The Spring Spirit


Spring is about fresh renewal in nature. There is more than one way to celebrate this season, and have you ever thought of making your love with flowers as a permanent fixture in your body? Flower tattoos are a popular and adaptable design, often paired with other pieces to create larger and more detailed tattoos. We mainly see the flower tattoos with women, but one can also find some extremely beautiful designs for men.

Floral Crescent Moon

Spring tattoo 1
Source : Pinterest

A floral crescent moon is an amazing combo between two forms of beauty — space and earth. The best way to unite the two opposites is to carve it on your body.


Spring tattoo 2
Source : Pinterest

The beautiful thing about roses is that they can be depicted in so many different ways. From shades to silhouettes, you can make a rose tattoo tailored to your liking. This beauty can also be placed on your body, too.


Spring tattoo 3
Source : Pinterest

This tiny ankle tattoo is delicate and very subtle, making it a great option for those not wanting a high commitment tat. Lavender is associated with being relaxed and centered. This design is keeping it short, sweet, and simple.

Geometric Color

Spring tattoo 4
Source : Pinterest

This is a great idea for those who prefer more black ink than colored ink and want the pop up colors of their flowers. Plus, this one is just the right size to look good in several places like the inner arm, upper thighs, back of calves, upper arms or shoulders.

Lotus With Quotes

Spring tattoo 5
Source : Pinterest

Lotus defines the purity and piety of the soul, as the flowers grow in the muddy areas, yet retain their purity. Give wise quotes as your life guide and the ink on your spine. Make sure people see and inspired by it.

Flower Bracelet

Spring tattoo 6
Source : Pinterest

We were very surprised that the flower bracelet could look so masculine and we fell in love with it. This is a gentle style to show your love for Mother Nature.

Wildflower Bouquet

Spring tattoo 7
Source : Pinterest

This pretty tattoo is sure to get you in the mood for spring – and also summer. It’s great option for the colorful wildflower tattoo! This one mixes vibrant colors with soft colors to get a really pop up effect that is just breathtaking.

Abstract Water Color Tattoo

Spring tattoo 8
Source : Pinterest

For those that love more abstract watercolor tattoos, this is the tattoo for you. Being on your side will make this tattoo relatively easy to hide, but the size does make it a pretty big commitment.

Floral Cuff

Spring tattoo 9
Source : Pinterest

Every once in a blue moon a tattoo comes along that’s so special and so unique that it literally takes every ounce of self-control not to run out and get an exact replica the first chance we get. This is one of those moments. Everything about this floral cuff just came together perfectly.

Half Half

Spring tattoo 10
Source : Pinterest

Split your flower in half across both arms for a truly unique look. This will surely be a master piece on your body.

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