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Adorable Short Nail Design Ideas for Summer To Try


Make every part of your body get ready to face the summer this year. One of the most important part is that nails. They are small but will affect your entire look. If you apply the appropriate design for your nails it will support your performance as well. Here are some nails arts ideas for this summer to try;

Melon Moons

Melon moons


Do you want to make your hand stand out? You can try this melon moons nail art idea for this summer. Make your friend admire your hand by applying some pastel color with little bit art style to make it like a melon moons.

Pastel Pieces

Pastel pieces


Do you want to apply this geometric design as your nail art? With this modern nail art, your nails will attract other attention. Moreover, you apply this nail art for this summer. Just be ready to be popular because of your nail art.

On the Flip Side

On the flip side


Try this outstanding nail art for your nails soon. When many girls are busy painted their art on the topside, this style asks you to paint the backside as well. Just choose the nude color for the topside end make it perfect by bright color for the backside.

Rainbow Blur

Rainbow blur


Create a cheerful look for your nail today by applying rainbow blur as your nail art. You only have to brush the nail paint horizontally which make it look blending each other. So, do you want to apply this rainbow blur for your nails?

Sparkles and Stripes

Sparkles and stripes


Applying gold glitter down at the center of each nails will give elegant look nail art. This idea looks good for summer or any other occasions. Even, this sparkles and stripes nail art looks wonderful for going party this week.

Little Lilac Triangles

Little lilac triangles


Get your nails ready for summer by applying this little lilac triangle nail art. This nail art idea gives you deeper royal hue. Just pay attention at the purple triangle which is appropriate to be used for a princess from royal family.

Ocean Sunset

Ocean sunset

Ethereal colors make your nails show the beauty of sunset. This magic hour can be at your nail as well. You only need to apply it on your nail and see how your nails look like. It is good to be used this summer while waiting for the sunset coming.

Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaiian flowers

Look at this cute nail art! If you want to look as a Hawaiian girl, this Hawaiian flower nail art will make you looks like has been long time live in Hawaii. See the picture and color which makes your nail looks more than beautiful.

Cactus Nail That Accent



Creating nail art will not be hard. It just needs sense of creativity using any color of nail art you have. This cactus nail art a few different Essie green polishes with blank as the base. Does it look impressive for your nails?


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