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9 Ways to Mix And Match Polka-dot Motifs

Polka-dot motifs are often avoided. The reason is because these round balls are “tacky” and too crowded to be made outfit everyday. But that reason is a big one, with the right mix and match, polka dot motif can be a cool fashion ouftfit.

  1. The timeless polka-dot jumpsuit you can wear during casual and semi-formal occasions


Polka-dot motif jumpsuit with ash color is the right alternative for you who want to look casual but fashionable.

  1. Polka-dot closely related to the impression of vintage. Use this dress for an elegant vintage impression


For you who are not really feminine, can ya try midi skirt with gray polyphen motif dot motif. Wear leggings or tight jeans for the underside and flat shoes or boots.

  1. Polka-dot jeans can be your mainstay when relaxing or college


Choose a boss that you wear is not patterned much and the color is also not so bright. Mix and match your polka-dot subordinates with a soft-colored soft shirt or shirt.

  1. This polka-dot dress can make you look adult. Your joy is also radiated always

This polka-dot vintage impression can easily make you look mature. Do not forget to embrace a belt or belt to sweeten your polka-dot dress yes.

  1. Hangout or dating will also be memorable with this classy polka-dot blouse motif


Outfit blouse is very flexible, you can mix and match any subordinate to this one boss.

  1. Polka-dot dress is not an obstacle to coming to the office. Simply combine with a blazer, your appearance will be beautiful and neat instantly


Do not be afraid to explore your formal appearance with polka-dot motifs.

  1. This weekend is a vacation plan to the beach, use polka-dot motifs

In addition to looking relaxed, you can also look cheerful and youthful.

  1. The color of black and white magic will also look slick if polka-dot is the motive


Want to relax, party or any event you can wear this dress. If to the party, try the bags or accessories that you wear according to ya.

  1. Make you a headscarf, please look different with polka-dot shirt or pants motifs

Which polka-dot motif represents your personality? As long as it is appropriate and you do not become someone else when wearing this polka-dot outfit motif.

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