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8 Tips to Choose False Eyelashes for Eyes Shapes


The function of false eyelashes is basically to make the impression of the eyes look bigger and more open. Besides the eyelashes are tapering make the eyes look more dramatic and beautiful. There are many makeup users who continue to use fake eyelashes to support the appearance.

  1. Prominant Eyes


Eyelashes that fit this eye shape are small to medium eyelashes. In addition, you should use Double Tapered eyelashes. This eye shape can also try the type of lashes Lightly Volumized to give the impression of luxury on the eyes.

  1. Round Eyes


Choose the shape of false eyelashes that precision cutting, which is the length on the outside with medium thickness.

  1. Large Eyes


The difference in large eyes and round eyes is in size. Choose fake eyelashes that have a thick fur arrangement on all sides. This makes the eyes look more filled.

  1. Slanted Eyes


The best option for this eye type is individual lashes, which are fake eyelashes in the form of small clusters of eyelashes. The eyes will look more natural and open.

  1. Almond Eyes


The almond eye is the ideal eye shape compared to the others. Almond eyes can choose any type of false eyelashes to beautify his appearance.

  1. Sunken Eyes


It would be more appropriate to choose eyelash with a long and flattened type because it will help the lashes look beautiful and give the illusion of the eye is not too sunken. Besides the long and dramatic eyelashes will further support the makeup for the type of sunken eyes.

  1. Hooded Eyes


To solve it you can use eyelash type that has a short hill piece on the left and right but in the middle. This precision will make the illusion as if the eyes are more open and wide.

  1. Sleepy Eyes


The owner of this type of eyes is more suited to using long and thick eyelashes on the outline. Almost like eyelash for round eyes but with more feathers. Because it will make the eyes look more open and not down.

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