When the subject is habits of religious, there is much mystery for those who are not part of the realities of each church. When talking about women then, doubts can be even greater.

Dogmas that were established in some churches and evangelical assemblies have become more famous than reality. Not all habits associated with the stereotype of the nun are common to all institutions.

Thinking about it, we made a list of some of the realities that maybe you never knew and could have been wrong

1 – They are not required to wear long skirts

Although many believe that evangelicals must wear long skirts and cover their legs, it is not a general rule. According to Paul, the church is a sacred place where no one should dress extravagantly. Therefore, some communities dictate suggestions of dress that the religious follow, which does not mean that it is a rule for all.

2 – They are not all conservative

Despite belief in religion and certain standards, it is not a rule that evangelicals make up parts of 100% conservative groups. There are for example groups of Christian feminists, who generate controversy within the church itself in themes such as feminism, abortion or homosexuality.

3 – Can have short hair

Some churches recommend that women religious use their long hair to avoid vanity, according to their interpretations of Paul’s letters reported in the Bible. However, precisely because it is a matter of interpretation, the recommendation may not be present in all churches, which allow hair cuts at the discretion of the faithful.

4 – They are not Puritan

Faith in God does not prevent evangelicals from enjoying sex and erotic and sexual themes. There are women within the church who study sex and discuss it within the community, even though this may sometimes be a cause of prejudice in assemblies.

5 – They also listen and dance funk

Although it is considered impure and pimpy rhythm even for people who are not religious, the music can pass a message appreciated by evangelicals. There are women artists who sing funk with religious messages, showing that music also has room in the churches.

6 – Can use makeup and look after the image

Many churches rely on Paul’s letters to forbid women from wearing make-up, accessories, and jewelry. Nevertheless, the interpretation chooses a radical verse, which is not clear in the Bible and is not followed by all congregations, which release the preoccupation with vanity, as long as this does not prevent it from following the religious teachings.

7 – They are not holy

It is not because they are in the church that evangelical women are holy or special. Even though they are religious, they still make mistakes and slips that make them equal to others, but they are in the church, perhaps seeking an approach from God and a correction of what they believe to be sin.

8 – They are like the others

With the modernization of most churches and the liberation of some more conservative dogmas, women have gained more space and social freedom, making evangelical women like other women. The main difference is only in religious devotion, which can still be found in other women of different religions.

Even though certain churches still hold dogmas and customs according to their interpretations of the biblical texts, stereotypes can not be taken for granted, since the issues are dealt with in different ways in each church.

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