A pregnancy can mean a lot to parents … Be it happiness or fear. The big question is that although the beginning is a difficult period, over time parents become accustomed to the idea of ​​having a child and begin to love it still inside the mother’s belly. However, there are some cases that go far beyond that. Believe me, some mothers throughout history have already been convinced they were pregnant with a demon.

It may not sound very common to our ears, but they are more common cases than we imagine. Some happened centuries ago, others happened much more recently and ended up in horrible tragedies. Thinking about it, here we come from the Unknown Facts below to 7 women who believed they were pregnant with a demon. Check it out!



1 – Otty Sanchez

It was in the summer of 2009 that the San Antonio police came across a horrible case. After receiving denunciations, they invaded a house where they found the following scene: a dismembered baby and a woman, the mother, bloody next to. ” In the bedroom of a house, a baby was broken up.” His three tiny little fingers gnawed, his face torn, his head cut off and his brain ripped out , was one of the police officers.

Next to him was the mother, with a wound on her chest and her throat partially cut off, shouting, ” I killed my baby! I killed my baby! ” According to her, the devil made her do it. Since her pregnancy, she believed that she carried a demon in her womb. According to the doctor Patrick McNamara, it is common that schizophrenics have this type of confusion … But to end the life of the own son in this way, is too terrible.

2 – Ana Feria Santos

According to the Daily Mail, one of the Devil’s children is alive, and has Colombian parents … At least that’s what they say. The mother says that her pregnancy was strange and she already suspected something wrong. But with only 4 weeks of life, the baby demon could already walk alone and produce fire … Yes, produce fire!

The mother, Ana Feria Santos, still states that the baby often hides. Not to mention that it still makes strange noises and has a pair of intimidating eyes. The article further reveals that the neighbors began to be afraid of the baby, and constantly throw stones at the family home. It is worth remembering that the mother is being accused of child abuse, but there is nothing that can be proven.

3 – Suzanne Connors

At age 28, a Utah mother made headlines from every newspaper when she gave birth to a “shouting entity.” As soon as the child was taken from her womb, the woman made the sign of the cross. She says the pregnancy was a real torture. It felt as if it were being cut internally, by razors.

The doctors had to have a cesarean section and had to deal with a rather strange situation. Suzanne’s uterus and amniotic sac, the mother, were completely destroyed. As soon as she was born, the child was referred to a pediatric hospital for evaluation.

4 – Rashida Chowdbury

Usually superstitions are taken very seriously by some people, but Rashida has raised it to the highest level. The 21-year-old was able to throw her newborn son out the fourth-story window of his building, claiming he was a child of Satan.

Her family did not hesitate to confirm the story. Everyone claimed that she really carried a demon in her womb and that when he was born everything got worse. Just so you know, when she committed the act, there were other adults and children in the house … Which makes everything even stranger. Anyway, Rashida was convicted of murder in first and second degree, no matter how much she claimed she had no choice.

5 – Isabella Miroslav

Strangely enough, it is not everyone who despairs getting pregnant with Satan. This is one of the more recent cases and happened to devout Satanist Isabella Miroslav in the year 2015. She claimed that she would have impregnated the underworld’s own lord. According to her, she was worshiping her god of darkness when she appeared, owning her body.

Well, but now we can see that there are some inconsistencies in your story. According to her, Satan would have stated that at age 12, the child would become president of the United States, giving rise to a global government … Among many other absurdities.

6 – Deborah Leeds

With claws, horns, bat wings and growls. This was the son of the couple Deborah and Japhet. They had 12 children who seemed to be completely normal, but when the 13th came, something strange seemed to happen. Far from childbearing age, Deborah did not want to give birth to the child, because she claimed that he could be a demon. There are several versions of what happened during the night of delivery.

Some people believe she knew from the beginning that her 13th child was a devil … That’s because the number is cursed. Meanwhile, others believe that she invoked the devil at the time of her delivery and put all the blame on the child. But there is still the possibility of the baby just being born deformed. The fact is that the woman cared for him until he died of old age.

7 – Joana dos Anjos

Mother Superior Joana dos Anjos is well known for being seduced and possessed by a demon disguised as a priest. It all began as soon as Urbain Grandier became parish priest in Loudun, France. According to what tells the story, he was handsome, charismatic and a real womanizer … Who constantly abandoned his “vows of celibacy.”

Joan certainly was one that fell into her charms. She became obsessed with Grander, but claimed that he was a demon who appeared in disguise and charmed her. In this way, she said that Isacarron (demon of debauchery) was responsible for having her pregnant. Her pregnancy would have been full of torments. She heard voices, screams, convulsions, and went into trances, where she spoke other languages.

A group of nuns took Joana’s pains, believing in her story. After a long investigation conducted by themselves, the priest was condemned, tortured and soon after, burned alive at a campfire.

And then guys, what did you guys think? Do you know of any other similar pregnancy cases? Share with us there for the comments!

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