Losing virginity has always been a very controversial subject for society, but nowadays it is a more open subject, and that story of every virgin married woman has really stayed in the past. But virginity still has many doubts around her, full of myths that people believe, especially women.

Among these myths that exist about a woman’s virginity, some women actually only find out whether they are myths or not after the first sexual intercourse, leaving many women somewhat confused, and thinking about it, we have made a list of some of these things. So now check out the 7 things the woman only learns after she loses her virginity:


1 – Nobody cares if you are a virgin or not

It may seem a little strange, but almost everyone has sex and you are now part of almost the whole world that has sex. Virginity is often very important to women and is a defining moment in their lives, but once that happens, no one cares about whether you are a virgin or not.

2 – Your body does not change after the first time

The hebiatra Maurício de Souza Lima explains the changes in the body has to do with puberty, which is the development of the body, and has nothing to do with the onset of sexual life, the two phases only coincide. The only change that can occur is the disruption of the hymen, growths of breasts, of hair in the body of things like that has nothing to do with the loss of virginity.

3 – Condom is key

That tension people go through when they have sex without a condom and they do not know if they will be parents or not it is a sensation that no one to pass after they lose their virginity, especially women . Of course, sex without a condom is a lot better, but it’s still better to have sex and have a clear conscience that you will not have a child that was not in the planning.

4 – It may hurt a little

Every woman has that fear of feeling a lot of pain when it comes to losing her virginity, and it really can happen. Sometimes your body may not be prepared, such as lubricated for example, and as men tend to be somewhat rushed, they may try to start something that is not time to start. It is as if the man were a microwave and the woman a slower stove, which takes time to ascend the flame.

5 – Repay …

That fear (or disgust) that women have of having to do oral sex on men, but finds out that it’s actually a very normal thing. Oral sex is one thing that both men and women love. Even knowing that some people have a “little” oral time, this is fundamental for sex to be good, and if someone does it for you, do not think twice before giving back the gesture.

6 – Finding breasts will fall

There is a myth that if a person caresses a woman’s breasts a lot, it can happen that her breasts are drooping or drooping. But in fact, this is just a big lie. The breasts may become flabby when a woman gets fat and slims too fast, or may get a little bit down because of a pregnancy.

7 – Sex is over when the man …

A great truth that women discover after they lose their virginity is that most of the time sex will end when a man reaches orgasm. They will learn that not all men are concerned to give them the same pleasure that women give them.

And then friends readers, know anything else that the woman only discovers after losing her virginity?

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