For a healthy relationship it is necessary that both parties strive hard every day. Yes, the two need to commit to doing their best. The effort of just one person is not enough for a dating to work. This is the natural order of things. If only one is dedicated, everything becomes unbalanced and the relationship wears off until it reaches the imminent end.

Many men find the female universe too complicated and difficult to understand. Well, what often happens is that men do not know how to communicate effectively with their partners. Well, thinking about it, we, from Unknown Facts, brought to our readers 7 things no man likes about women. Check out:


1 – Insecurity

Many men find themselves in difficult situations, such as when their partner asks if she is fat. Difficult situation, no? The fact is that these questions catch them by surprise, and most of the time, women understand this interval waiting for the response as an insult. They just do not know how to deal with this as they also hate being with someone who has some fear or who always has the self-esteem down there.

2 – Paranoia

Do you know those girlfriends who are suspicious of everything your boyfriend does? Who is always doubting his faithfulness? Well, it would be a great option to stop, because no one can handle such a situation for long, does not it? Living with a paranoid person is very tiring, both for the man and for the woman, and it wears the relationship a lot.

3 – Excessive jealousy

Feeling jealous is a natural feeling of the human being and does no harm to anyone, but it is something that must be controlled. If you always want to know where and who your boyfriend is with, check out all the social networks, do all the FBI work, find out that this is a very unpleasant thing, and you’re just hurting your relationship. It is not something unhealthy, much less attractive.

4 – Always put your feelings as a priority

Many people have the habit of feeling that the partner has no feelings, that only they feel hurt, and with that, they never see the needs of the partner, which over the years makes the relationship completely worn. Men also cry and also need help, they are not super strong and immune to any feeling, even if society makes them so.

5 – Making Blackmail

About this action, we have a piece of advice: do not do it! If you use the body and other disadvantages of your partner to get what you want, know that you have found a beautiful way to end your relationship. Love in a relationship should be a common good and yield to the requests of both. Low-level blackmail can seriously irritate a person.

6 – Financial Neglect

The hobby of many women is to spend hours and hours at the mall making purchases, but be careful, one thing is a hobby, another thing is to have an obsession with shopping. Be aware of how much you will spend. No one wants to be in a relationship with a person who does not know how to control his or her own expenses and can lead the partner to bankruptcy.

7 – Parent Company

It is a big mistake when one partner tries to control the other. This is annoying to both the man and the woman, to feel that he is being controlled all the time, that he can no longer see his friends or family when he feels like it. When a woman does not like the guy going out with friends, drinking beer, or playing the sacred little football Tuesday, the relationship tends to fail. It’s nice that in a relationship, the two have their freedom.

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