The CW channel is well known today, in addition to the DC superhero series , for its programs aimed at the adolescent public. And much of this direction is due to the great success of Gossip Girl . The series lasted for six seasons and conquered a huge audience. The program was responsible for putting Blake Lively in the world and raising rental prices on the Upper East Side , the upscale neighborhood of New York. The story follows the life of a group of rich teenagers, their personal, family dramas and character development.

All of them often live in extreme ways, taking advantage of what money can pay for the best, without worrying about the consequences and who is watching. In case, there is always. The steps of each person in the group are not only observed but reported by a mysterious person on your blog. Hence the name Gossip Girl , or, as it became known in Brazil, Blog Girl . Despite all the fame of the series, some things usually go unnoticed. So, as a matter of curiosity, we separate some of them that you may have forgotten or even did not know.

1 – Dan Humphrey be the girl on the blog

The end of Gossip Girl left everyone quite surprised, and on the one hand disgusted, with the revelation of the person behind all the blackmail and gossip made throughout the series. Not because he was a man, but because of this man suffering the same things as other people. Dan Humphrey was put on as the “blog girl” , however, nothing makes sense in this revelation. Why would he trade messages with himself? Why expose her sister’s intimate life? How did he receive messages in the presence of other people being sent by himself? The character may even have been placed as the “kid” of the blog, however, being canonical does not make it more understandable.

2 – Kristen Bell should be the girl on the blog

The blog girl had no face, but she did not lack a voice. The voice over narrations made in the series are by Kristen Bell . So much so that everyone believed that eventually it would appear in history and reveal its true intentions. However, that day never arrived. The actress was not even credited in the 121 episodes in which she lent her voice to gossip. Bell made a special appearance in the last episode of the series, but his character had no relevance.

3 – The speed in locomotion

In audiovisual art, if what happens on a character’s path from point A to point B makes no difference to the story, it is not usually shown. In addition to saving time and money, the viewer is perfectly capable of understanding how a certain person left home and arrived at the bakery, for example. The problem of Gossip Girl, however, is the time of locomotion of its personages. With New York as the main setting, particularly the Upper East Side , the series could at least take into account Brooklyn’s time spent in this part of the city. As the characters used only private transport, it would take about an hour to get from point to point. Long enough to develop the action of the next scene.

4 – The Palace Hotel is not in the Upper East Side

The Palace Hotel became a landmark place within the series, especially for the meals Serena had on site. Few spectators know, however, that the real name of the place is Lotte New York Palace Hotel . Although the property is in Manhattan, the series suggests its location on the Upper East Side. However, the hotel is just around the corner from 50th Street to Medison Avenue, about eight blocks from the noble neighborhood.

5 – It was not always a success

Amazingly, the first season of Gossip Girl did not exactly have the best of results. In the beginning, the series had less than half of spectators that The OC , that is, the hearing was much lower than expected. It turns out that the viewers were already ahead of their time. At the time, a lot of the fans of the program watched the episodes online, long before the streaming gained strength. Finding that the audience had been “diverted” from the television, the CW removed the chapters from its website in order to make the viewers follow the series through the channel. Which, of course, worked very well.

6 – Not enough to be an adaptation

Gossip Girl is a series of books written by Cecily von Ziegesar , however, is very different from the television series. The history of the CW – like all the others – was slightly based on the original work and, therefore, it is not an adaptation properly. The program takes the world created by Ziegesar to more obscure places. It addresses topics such as chemical dependency, toxic environments, scandals among the rich, family dramas and several others.

7 – Chuck Bass would have a minor role

Originally, Chuck Bass would be more like his character in books. He was to be introduced as a minor villain with no strong love relationship with Blair Waldorf . In the book, he dates men more than women and goes on ways without redemption. He does not seek to be a better person, let alone do well in business. However, Josh Schwartz confessed that he changed the character’s direction after the seventh episode of Season One.


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