In speaking of this subject, we return to the last century. Being a woman is not an easy thing and we even realize it. There is difficulty in any part of the world, but being one in the Middle East is something that goes beyond. We perceive the daily struggles for women to achieve their space and equality in society, something that has not yet happened. Women’s lives in Saudi Arabia, for example, are proof that most or all of them would probably have been born to men. These women’s daily lives are compounded by social, religious, and political constraints. Even though they have recently won the right to take the driver’s license, there is still a fight that is far from being overcome in pursuit of other simple rights.

Saudi Arabia, for example, lives under the guidance of sharia, the rigid Islamic law that imposes the separation of genders. Thinking a bit better about this, we from Unknown Facts decided to bring this matter up and list a number of things that a lot of people do not know about the Middle East. We have listed 7 harsh realities of what it’s like to be a woman in the Middle East. Enjoy to share with your friends this story and show what the world is like outside. Without further ado, check with us and be surprised.


1 – Talking to men

In Saudi Arabia, women can not talk to men who are not family or husbands. This is extremely banned, especially if it is on the street. They can not be seen walking or in a car with another man. The only exception is a conversation with a store clerk, but only for the purchase. In addition, several buildings count on the entrance for men and another one for the women.

2 – Enter cemeteries

Women can not attend funeral in cemeteries, even if it is from a relative. There is a belief in Saudi Arabia that the dead can hear the beliefs and women should not go to funerals because they are too emotional. They claim they could bother the dead.

3 – Cycling

In Iran, women are banned from cycling. According to the leader of the country, this act attracts the attention of men and exposes society, violating the chastity of women.

4 – Prohibited to walk in any subway car

In Iran, the subways are divided into two parts. The front is the largest and intended for men. The bottom of the subway, much smaller, should be used by women. They are forbidden to enter into the part of men, even if there are slots there and not in the back.

5 – Participate in sports competitions

Women from Saudi Arabia can not participate in sports competitions. Not even physical education classes at school can do them. Only in the year 2012 the women of the country could participate in the London Olympics. However, this generated revolt in some people and they were called prostitutes by radical clerics.

6 – Traveling alone

In much of the Middle East, women can not travel without the company of their “guardian.” They need the company of a man or the written permission of a brother or a husband.

7 – Buy a Barbie

The world’s most famous doll was banned from Saudi Arabia in 2003. It is considered a threat to morality and was replaced by Fulla. This is a doll made in Syria. They have collections of veils, cook, sing, pray, and have no boyfriends.

So, what did you think of this list? Tell us down there and share it with your friends. Always remembering that your feedback is extremely important to our growth.

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