No matter how much a woman tries to describe it, it is virtually impossible for a man to understand exactly what it is like to go through a menstrual period. Especially for the fact, of many things and details, we women simply do not want to comment.

Thinking about it exactly, we here in Fact, select the 6 truths we do not usually comment on, but we know that you men are very curious to know.

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1- The menstruation is not only composed by blood

Although it has a large amount of blood, menstruation is nothing more than the endometrium that comes off the wall of the uterus. This substance is responsible for nurturing a supposed baby that could arise there.

For this reason, we can find vascularized tissue (which is the base of the endometrium), mucus, blood and even vaginal secretions in the composition of menstruation.

2- The color of menstruation will not always be red

Depending on the hormonal variation of a woman and even the stage of the menstrual period in which she is, the color of the menstruation can vary between brown, bright red (better known) and red wine.

3- Each woman tends to have a different smell of menstruation

The blood has its own smell, which in turn is not strong. However, because menstruation goes through the entire vaginal canal, it ends up mingling with some bacteria and fungi that are natural to the vaginal flora.

So the smell of a woman’s menstruation may vary according to her health at that time of the month. Infections and bloating for example, can leave the natural smell stronger and a little unpleasant.

4- There is nothing worse than being menstruated and having the flu at the same time

Menstruation is eliminated from our body through the vaginal canal. This channel we can hardly control. That is why having the flu can be a real nightmare for a menstruating woman! Since every time you sneeze, a little of the flow comes down almost instantly.

5- Contrary to what many men think, menstruation makes you want to have sex!

Although sex seems impractical for some men and women who do not feel well, having sex during this period. The reality is that women feel more aroused while they are menstruating.

This happens due to the hormonal variation that we go through. During this period, testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for female libido, is in evidence, and consequently triggers this feeling of greater sexual interest.

6. You can menstruate and simply do not notice! That’s why it’s so common to get into trouble …

Every woman, at least once in her life, has been through some “embarrassing” situation because of her menstruation. When we are young, and we are facing the first cycles mainly, since you may simply not be prepared for the arrival of the “said whose.”

So menstruating, not noticing and just noticing later that you were in dirty clothes for example, is something much more common than you might think!

And then dear readers, did you already know all these facts about female menstruation? And you girls? Would they add any other odd curiosity about it on this list? Tell us down here for the comments!

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