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42 Short Pastel Blonde Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair That Score Maximum Style Point

Short Pastel Blonde Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair

Modern beauty industry continues to pay great attention to the topic of hair coloring. The coloring of the ombre has already become boring, so it was replaced by other interesting painting technique, which is very surprising to an untrained person. Now, next to the new-fashioned burnt-out hair, the coloring of the thunder, and the coloring of the balayazh, there is a more gentle, but the same “strange” type of coloring, like pastel blonde bob hairstyles.

Pastel shades from time to time return to beauty trends, taking place next to other trendy hair dye. However, pastel colors appear in trends not at the behest of industry insiders, but at the behest of the girls themselves, who ask stylists to dye their hair lavender or mint shades.

“People’s love” makes pastel shades popular, no matter how pathetic it may sound. Girls come to colorists and ask them to lighten their hair in lavender, to make a few “soft strands” or to dye their hair completely in azure-blue.

In itself, pastel coloring appeared as early as the distant 70s of the last century, when the hippie culture was at its peak of popularity, and experiments with bright hair shades just found their audience. And as a modern trend, “pastel hair” came back a few years ago, along with new dyeing techniques that allow not only to achieve new and rich colors, but also to create a new color as safe as possible for hair. Therefore, you can be calm: after the blue hair your strands will not become dry and lifeless.

If you want to make similar hair, then be ready for likes on Instagram and scared grandmothers in the subway. But this color has its own pitfalls, despite the fact that pastel shades are considered as neutral as possible and suitable for each color type. If you decided to dye your hair in pastel colors, then you should not do it yourself. Turn to the professionals. So, on girls with blond, pastel shades will look more bright and natural. Therefore, if you are natural or dyed platinum blonde, then you can not even think about the choice, and dye your hair at the first one you like – any pastel shade will merge with a natural light shade of hair.

Pastel coloring best of all looks on short hair – lavender hair in a tandem with a hairstyle of a caret looks amazing. Girls with light brown hair do not have such good relations with pastel colors. Here, too, the shade can merge with a natural shade, but to such an extent that the light brown shade “absorbs” the soft lavender color. It should be avoided ashy and other muted shades. Brunettes will have to completely lighten hair and renew coloring every two weeks. Also, it is worth remembering that full pastel coloring best of all looks on short hair – the same lavender hair looks amazing in tandem with a bob haircut.

So, the fashion for pastel shades of hair not only returned, but also brought new and interesting variations of colorings, which also have interesting names.

Multicolor wilt

Coloring with such a pathetic name implies a transition from one shade to another (transition, both smooth and sharp), but on condition that the shades will “fade out” to the ends of the hair.

Very peach

A rich peach or coral hue this spring is at the peak of popularity. This is a kind of answer to the fashion of red shades. A more informal and unnatural answer.

Pink lights

Something like white ghost staining. The same cool shades that go off into pink in their subtoms. A smooth transition from one to another leaves a lot of room for imagination.

Coral blush

This coloring probably came from balayazha. Fresh coral or pink shades of hair without any transitions. If you want to make similar hair, then be ready for likes on Instagram and scared grandmothers in the subway.

Blue Caribbean Sea

The rich azure-blue shade of hair is ideal for girls with fair skin and hair. You will not surprise anyone with such shades, but they look great.

Purple silver

This shade of hair looks as unnatural as possible, but it looks too luxurious to draw attention to it.

Round rainbow

Coloring for the most courageous and desperate. But rainbow stains look very cute on instagram. Especially if you add a lot of filters.

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