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35 Short Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas to Try Right Now

Short Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Tell me who does not love these chocolate brown hair colors? Due to its naturality, 35 short chocolate brown hair color ideas are the most preferred hair colors. Ofcourse it is not a surprise for most of us because they are vibrant and rich as well as stylish too. The best part is there are numerous options you can go for. All you need is taking a look and choosing one of them and taking appointment from your hair colorist.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color is Back in Fashion

For a long time, chocolate brown hair, especially without red shades, was considered the simplest and artless version of coloring hair. However, new fashion trends end this stereotype right now. Today, naturally brilliant shades give royal elegance to the deliberate simplicity of chocolate-colored hair.

Pucci, Chloé, Max Mara are just some of the fashion legends whose models are intriguing with stunning shades of natural brown color on long, gently flowing hair. While the fashion for light shades is constantly changing, brown-haired women are always at the peak of popularity.

The current variety of natural shades of hair varies from black to deep chocolate brown and medium brown, almost dark blond, with a shine of teasing reddish or with small light strands.

More recently, the fashion has been blurred, as if sun-baked variations of brown color. This mixture of blondes and brunettes is called “brondy” or “blonet”. Jennifer Aniston demonstrated this direction. The main trend in hair coloring now is the lack of strong contrast. Chestnut and light blend into an almost uniform color with brilliant hues that vary with light.


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