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25 Nice Balayage Short Hair

True, short hair restricts your choice of styling. but that doesn’t mean you have zero chance to improve your glamor. In the world of fashion, there is always something outlandish almost for everyone. Yes, a lot of mindblowing choices are prevailing out there that you can try on your short hair. Among other styles, balayage is the nicest kind that looks mesmerizing on all occasions.

Girls with both dark and mild skin tone enjoy having a balayage according to their own preferences. The range of balayage hairstyle is really wide. But still, we hope for the best and therefore, we’ve come up with 25 nice balayage short hair ideas, choose the one that suits your hair texture and volume best. Good luck!

1- Balayage Short Hair

Balayage Short Hair, Hair Color Balayage Makeup

The flattering look on your warm complexion seems daunting until and unless you haven’t tried this power-packed balayage short hairstyle. It’s too attractive to go overlooked. Needless to say, this smart choice can bring your game a level up. So, what are you waiting for?

2- Ombre Balayage for Short Hair

Ombre Balayage for Short Hair, Hair Balayage Color Short

Not all hairstyle you see out there can give you a subtle charismatic look. So, when you don’t want any confusion about which style to choose in order to uplift your beauty, simply go for this ombre balayage. It’s a sure-fire way of getting attention. So, be ready to get that desired sneak peek from your admirers from every now and then. Enjoy!

3- Bob Blonde Highlights

Bob Blonde Highlights, Balayage Hair Bob Blonde

What more can a sophisticated lady expect from her hairstyle when it comes to looking utterly enchanting? That bouncy blonde and its waves…oh my! Such a glamour! Summer days will thank you for welcoming them with this extremely comfy length – not long enough to touch your neck, yet the front locks will be covering half of your beautiful face with that much excellence you would highly miss with anything else.

4- Brunette Short Hair

Brunette Short Hair, Balayage Blonde Hair Brown

Looking feminine will be a matter of minutes when you have this brunette shoulder touch hair. Apart from your day to day look, it takes little mess to make you party-ready! More importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to cherish the softness of this hairstyle while you’ll be playing unmindfully with your locks during your chit-chats with your crush. 😉

5- Short Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Short Dirty Blonde Hair Color, Short Hairtyles World Around

Want to drive your someone special crazy? Try this short dirty wavy blonde and undoubtedly, it will leave your man spellbound. In this haircut, as you can see, the back of your head will get a short and trimmed look that is sure to bring you a perfect sassy vibe.

6- Dark Brown with Highlights

Layered Short Balayage Hair

7- Brunette Balayage

Balayage Hair Bob Short

8- Balayage Shoulder Length Hair

Hair Balayage Lob Fall

9- Platinum with Blonde Balayage

Blonde Hair Balayage Short

10- Dark Bob with Highlights

Hair Balayage Bob Brunette

11- Balayage Twisted Brunette

Balayage Hair Short Brown

12- Wavy Glossy Caramel Brown

Hair Lob Bob Balayage

13- Beachy Bob Back View

Bob Blonde Balayage Bobs

14- Front Highlights on Blonde

Blonde Balayage Bob Layered

15- Caramel Balayage Wavy Texture

Hair Balayage Short Highlights

16- Balayage Brown to Blonde Bob

Balayage Hair Brown Bob

17- Dark Hair Ashy Balayage

Hair Balayage Ash One

18- Round Pixie Side view

Bob Short Blonde Balayage

19- Playful Wavy Tone

Brown Short Balayage Highlights

20- Slightly Twisted Bob

Balayage Hair Brown Short

21- Reddish Blonde for Casual Look

Bob Balayage Short Caramel

22- Strong Brunette Balayage on Black hair

Balayage Hair Short Brown

23- Soft Cool-Toned Smart Looking Blonde

Hair Balayage Color Blonde

24- Artistic Twists for Thick Hair

Hair Balayage Color Medium

25- Medium Length Big Wavy Caramel-Toned Layers

Short Hairtyles 70 Edgy


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