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25 Festive and Artistic Ideas for Christmas Nails Art

Christmas is just around the corner. Before December comes, have you prepared what to wear to this special event? Well, there is nothing wrong with a little heads-up. If you are invited to plenty of Christmas events, be ready with the festive and artistic Christmas nails art.

So, what are the options? If you would like some ideas, here are the five (5) examples of festive and artistic, Christmas nails art:

1. The Red and Gold

When it comes to Christmas nail art, nothing beats the color red. Combine that with gold, and you will look bold. The work is simple, but the lasting effect is incredible. Have some golden with splashes of red or silver for the stand out look.

Combine your nails with red and gold, then make a border on the tip of your beautiful nails.
Adorable mind-blowing with golden and red Christmas nail art try these easy nail art ideas today for Christmas.
Attractive artistic Christmas nail art with white and silver sparkling Christmas nails.
Amusing artistic for Christmas nail art with red and gold geometric Christmas nails which is simple yet beautiful.
Appealing artistic for Christmas nail art with sparkling red and golden Christmas nail design.

2. The Stars Pattern

This idea is not just festive but also artistic and striking. Let the dark red or maroon and cream be the background on your nails. The tiny stars can decorate them. Nothing matches Christmas like red and gold, especially in the shape of stars.

Artistically funny for Christmas nail art with maroon red background that decorated with the gold star.
Cute nail art for Christmas with stunning soft pink background and golden star pattern.
Incredible artistic nail art for Christmas with beautiful cream background in view and decorated with white stars.
Beautiful artistic Christmas nail art with a cream background which mixed with black and white stars.
Artistic breathtaking for Christmas nail art with gold and white stars for while the background use cream color.

3. The Mistletoes Design

Who does not like mistletoes on Christmas? If you cannot find one to kiss your loved one, let’s use this Christmas nail art instead. With a glossy coat as the background, add tiny mistletoes on your nails. Then raise your hands above your head before you kiss him. Let’s see if the effect is the same.

Christmas nail art by making the Christmas leaves design a shiny background base, and a little fog to the nails.
This idea of mistletoes shows you that a little sparkle is very influential. A touch of sparkle can really make your nail art looks stand out.
Artistic Christmas nail art in red and soft pink that garnished with leaves pattern.
Paint the base of your nails with dark red nails. Adding the touch that turns the design into classy.
Combine the color and the hue to create the color or texture in mistletoes effect. Here, black and white nails are the perfect color combination.

4. The Polar Bears Design

Childish? No. Playful? Definitely. For Christmas, you do not have to get stuck with red, gold, and green. Why not turn your fingernails as platforms for this interesting work of art? These polar bears under the snowy skies look cute on your fingernails.

This artistic idea for Christmas nail art with grey foundation and polar bear is an extraordinary season to make the most creative side of the design.
This artistic idea for Christmas nail art with blue, glitter, snowflake, and polar bears to go to the extraordinary Christmas.
This artistic idea for Christmas nail art with polar bear here is another manicure design that can combined with the snow pattern.
This Christmas nail art design with polar bear that perfectly resembles a giant flake among the falling snow.
This artistic idea for Christmas nail art with polar bears is one of the most popular in the snowy country.

5. The red and White Snowflake

With red, you can never go wrong at Christmas. This Christmas nails art consists of red fingernail polish with a touch of white snowflakes on top.

These snowflake nails have different designs for each nail. If you can’t decide on one, you don’t have to do it.
Among the many things to do to celebrate the perfect festival, having a dazzling snowflake style nail is the most important.
Among the different snowflake nail designs, this one includes colored and shiny sequins for Christmas.
This nail design displays distinctive Christmas-related colors along with snowflakes and Santa-related the celebration.
Red nails with snowflake design can also made into the festive design. This one is the example with certain different pattern.

Let’s get all festive with these examples of Christmas nail art. Your fingernails will surely attract more attention.

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