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25 Fantastic Christmas Nail Art Colors that will Get You Noticed

Christmas is full of festive things. Festive home decor, festive dinner, festive outfit, and not to mention, festive nail art. Your nails should be polished to festive perfection and coordinate your outfit for your Christmas dinner or lunch, and even Christmas party. Here, we have 25 ideas to inspire you below.

These nail arts are all featured Christmas symbols such as snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa hats, reindeer, with plenty of color options. They are really the perfect choice for your holiday nail art designs. Scroll down thought our collections and get inspiration. Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list this year, you’re sure to turn heads with these Christmas nail designs.

Red Christmas Nail Art With White Designs

Festive Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art Design With Present Tie

Christmas DIY Nail Art Design

Bright Blue Colored Christmas Nail Art With Beautiful Snowflakes

The Three Dimentional Gold Nail Gems

Ribbon Candy Nail Art

Red Nail Color With Santa Claw’s Accent

Glittery Midnight Blue Nail Art For Christmas

Evergreen And Gold Nail Art

Red And White Nail Art To Try

Green And White Nail Art With Rhinestones

Cute White And Red Nail Art

Brown, White And Gold Christmas Nail Art

Adorable Red Christmas Nail Art With Some Accents

White And Gold Nail Art Perfect For Christmas

Simple Christmas Nail Art Idea

Red And White Stripes Nail Art

Red And White Nail Art With Silver Accents

Grey And White Christmas Nail Art

White And Blue Nail Art With Some Sparkle

Upgrading The Christmas Traditional Color For Your Nail

Extra Ordinary Black Nail Art For Christmas

Clear Winter Nail Art Idea

Black And White Never Go Wrong

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