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25 Colorful Nail Art Designs for Spring

Winter will be over soon. Welcoming spring is like a ceremony as its also the beginning of the year. We can celebrate it by changing our style, start from the nails! We need to change our nails from minty-winter to warm-lively color. It will definitely brighten up your day.

Floral accent, color pastel base, color gradient, and polka dots pattern are the ultimate spring nail looks. However, you might feel confused deciding the combination of it. And, tossing everything all together will not be pretty too. Therefore, we have plenty of colorful nail art designs for spring to try.

Floral White Base Nail Art

Vibrant Pink Floral Nail Art

Pretty Single Stroke Nails

Me and Cow Nail Art

Floral in Mate Pastel

Red Rose Nail Art

Pretty Floral in Purple

Spring Fairy Tale Nail Art

Peacock on the Nails

Colorful in Mate Nail Art

Beauty in Abstract Nails

Ombre Nail Art Idea

Floral Nail Art Idea

Ice Cream Color Pop

Bright Pink Floral Accent

Gold and Polka Dots

Polka Dots Meets Rainbow

Cute Cupcakes Nail Art

Bright Yellow and Strips

Fresh Oranges Nail Art

Refreshing Watermelon Nail Design

Floral Glass Beauty Nails

Crystal Clear Floral Design

Clear Baby Blue Design

Flower in Blue Sky Design

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