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25 Best Holiday Nail Art Designs that Look Natural and Last a Long Time

Hi girls! When the holiday season comes, you may already have many plans that you will do to spend your nice holiday right? Well, besides the outfit you are going to wear, you also need to pay attention to your beautiful nails in supporting your look. With so many activities that you will do, of course, you don’t have much time to paint your nails frequently right, so choose natural nail art colors and patterns that also last longer. Natural colors such as fresh, soft pink and nude or clear nail art will usually be easy to match with any outfit color. For that, you don’t need to worry about it.

For those of you who are interested in painting your nails with natural and long-lasting colors, here are 25 best holiday nail art designs with beautiful colors and are very suitable for you to use to support your appearance to look perfect during the holiday.

Use these sweet colors with a glossy impression that makes your fingers look clean.

You can add this soft pink nail art with a crystal effect at the tip of the nail

To make it look sparkling you can add glitter in the nail art that you are using

Jaune nail art techniques are very much in favor of nail art lovers, so as not to be monotonous you can add a different color to make it look more alive

This classy ombre nail art is very sweet and suitable to have a feminine look

Still with the Jaune technique, but this time you can add crystal colors to make it look more attractive

Combining several colors in the nail art and form evenly at the tip of the nail

You can use the Dogi dog design with a pink base for nail art that looks cute

Design a Peacock feather with a white base in combination with soft pink pastel

Pastel white, pink color with love design and black edges

Fresh nude nail art creating a calm impression

Butterfly design with crystal beads and flat nail shape

Glossy pink with a flat shape on the tip of the nail, crystal granules coiled on the nail of the middle finger with a black flower design that looks alive

Minie Mouse design with a white base paired with pastel pink and glossy pink with a polka dot motif

Pastel color combines with gold glitter that make the leaf design look more beautiful

The base color is pink and white with a leopard base in the center of the nail


Natural Nude nail art with white base and floral coating

Pink ombre design and glitter alloy with clear and shiny color base

White and clear pink nail art combines with floral coating

Light purple glossy combines with pink glitter and white lines on the tips of the nails with a flat tip

Classy nail art design with light purple and white pastel base added flower design on the ring fingernail

Nude nail art with a glossy touch to result natural naked nails look

Ombre ocean blue coating with floral nail art

Long-lasting pink nude and crystal nail art for natural impression

Clear soft pink combines with glittering tip nail art


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