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24 Stunning Coffin Nail Designs of the Year

24 Stunning Coffin Nail Designs of the Year: Coffin nails or also known as ballerina’s nails are on-trend now. This very design that shaped like ballerina shoes shows the elegant, glamorous, and expensive look to those who wear it. One of the favourite references people always look up to is the stunning coffin nail designs of Kylie Jenner. Kylie and her family indeed never fail to make their trend in fashion items. Well, here’s the 4 most stunning coffin nail design of the year you can recreate for your own.

1. 3D Coffin Nails Design

Typically, the coffin nail art lovers prefer to choose 3D design than the coffin nails with 2D images or patterns drawn on them. When the coffin nail design meets crystals and effortlessly match the jewellery, that’s when it could simply be one of the statements for the whole look. Perfect nail art that will undoubtedly match the glamorous nightdress.

3D coffin nails design using diamonds rhinestones and shimmer that will look elegant if you apply it to your nails.

3D coffin nails design with pastel ballerina added with rhinestone nails.

3D coffin nails design with lace motif. To make your nails more attractive, add diamonds to the lace motif.

Inspiring 3D coffin nails design with V motif on one of your fingers that added with some diamonds to the nails to make it stands out.

3D coffin nails design with striped motif on one of your fingers and white colored diamond for each nail added to attract attention.

3D coffin nails design with nude nails combined with unique leaf motif using black nail polish. To make it looks elegant, add gold fake diamond to your nails.


2. Transparent Matte-Finished Coffin Nails

When the clear transparent coffin nails meet the matte-finished topcoat, mixed with the bold colours like black, blue, grey or burgundy, the elegancy of this nail art design will just perfect. It will be even more perfect if there are some transparent patterns added to the centre of one or two nails. What a perfect design for those who love to be the centre of attention.

Laced black matte coffin nails with matte black color and the lace design on the ring finger to create a pretty look.

Nude and black nail art in coffin nails with unique motifs in black nail polish covered with your nude nails so that your style is maximized.


Transparent matte-finished coffin nails with matte black color and the chevron design to create an elegant look.

Transparent matte-finished coffin nails using black and red paint to make your nails look maximal.


3. Glittery Coffin Nails

Coffin nail design, just from its shape, is having its luxury look already. Therefore, women who don’t want to be ‘that much’ would prefer to choose this look. Just a simple glittery nail polish with the trend curated colours, like deep purple, maroon, or sweet rose gold. The coffin nail design for simple yet elegant women.

Cute glitter coffin nails with purple nail polish for the pretty look that make your confidence increase.

Glitter coffin nails by using thick green dominant color and glitter added to beautify your nails.

Simple glitter coffin nails with dominant red thick color that added with snow motif and glitter silver on the ring finger.


Elegant purple glitter coffin nails inspirations for you to apply to your nails that added with rhinestone.


Simple glitter coffin nails style with nude purple nail polish that added with glitter to make it looks cute.

Inspirational glitter coffin nails style with different purple tone nail polish that added with silver glitter for the ring finger.

Coffin glitter nails with soft pink nail polish color that can be a really pretty combination.


4. Stunning Ombre Coffin Nails

With the glamorous shape of coffin nails, ombre nail art is shifting to the next level. The gradient colour of bright yellow, blue ocean, or light green will never fail for the classy women. This stunning coffin nail design is perfect for a night festive party or even a formal occasion.

Pretty coffin nails with a light, soft ombre and gem embellishments, will make the nails look blurry and very stunning.

Coffin nails have the French ombre look apart from the two accent nails with soft pink and white. Both nails are coated with silver glitter to make it looks elegant.

The nails are in soft ombre with neutral and rose gold accent nails. Then, add with crystals for the stand out look.

The nails have yellow tips that blends into neutral tone where each nail decorated with sparkling crystals that you can apply to your nail style.


Stunning ombre coffin nails with nude and white ombre nails style to make it looks simple.

Inspirational stunning ombre coffin nails with pink and white nail polish for you to try.

Stand out ombre coffin nails style with nude pink and yellow ombre color to increase your confidence by using bright colors.


That’s it for the most loved stunning coffin nails of the year. After reading this, you must try to recreate at least one of them and get your own most stunning nails of the year. Well, have a nice try, beauties!

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