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23 Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Ask any woman the favorite day of her life, she’d perhaps say that it’s her wedding. Women love weddings. It’s a fairy tale moment for them. The dream of spending the rest of their life with a person that they love which is being celebrated through a grand occasion sends goosebumps for all women. Of course, such a fairy-tale occasion would want to make them look like fairies. With the white bridal dress, that already is done. But that is not just enough. They want to be the center of attention on that particular day alone. They want to look the most beautiful amidst all the others present in the ceremony.

They want everything to be perfect on that day; including their hairstyle. After all, hair is one of the best features for any woman. Short hair looks great with the bridal dress. If you’re going to get married soon, here are some of the great hairstyles that you should try in order to look even more beautiful.

The long bob is one of the cute hairstyles that you can wear on the special occasion. The long bob is a right length for many. It’s not too short and not too long. It’s a perfect length haircut and frames your face well. It accentuates your beauty and highlights important facial features. A dark colored hair in contrast with the white and lush bridal dress is a clear winner. The choice of color should be proper if you’ve decided to color your hair. Blonde or brown goes perfectly with your bridal dress. It’s a hairstyle that will focus everybody’s attention on you.

Vintage cuts are another great option on this beautiful day. One chic hairstyle is the bridal pixie hairstyle. Like the regular pixie, the vintage wedding pixie also has short hair at the back and long hair at the front. However, the hair at the front should be neatly combed sidewards. It must be combed perfectly to look slick. With a veil on top, this hairstyle is a great hairstyle for your day. You don’t have to worry about your hair becoming messy too. Because there is little hair, the hairstyle will be set and give you the best possible look. You can feel confident and walk down the aisle without worrying about your hair.

Another great vintage hairstyle is the vintage curly bob. The vintage curly bob is one hairstyle that most brides wore during the yesteryears. This does not mean that this hairstyle is out of the trend. In fact, today, it is one of the trendiest and fashionable hairstyles, especially for weddings. In the vintage curly bob, the bobs are curled using a curling iron. This hairstyle frames your face really well. Who doesn’t want to look better on the photographs on their wedding day? This will just make it happen with it’s simple yet beautiful style. You can also curl just the ends to give a beautiful effect to this hairstyle.

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There are many other varieties of short hairstyle that you can try from the images below:

1-Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair

Bridal Hairtyle for Short Hair, Wedding Hair Hairtyles Bridal

2-Wedding Hair for Long Bob

Wedding Hair for Long Bob, Bridal Hair Wedding Weddings

3-Vintage Pixie Style

Vintage Pixie Style, Wedding Hair Styles Lucille

4-Bridal Simple Hair

Bridal Simple Hair, Hair Short Wedding Helen

5-Vintage Curly Bob

Vintage Curly Bob, Bridal Vintage Lily 50


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Hair Pixie Bridal Short


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Bridal Hair Brides Wedding


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Wedding Hair Hairtyles Comb


Bridal Wedding Hair Brides


Wedding Hair Bridal Head


Veil Wedding Bridal Birdcage


Bridal Wedding Hair Comb


Wedding Hair Natural Afro


Curly Hair Wedding Hairtyles


Pixie Hair Messy Tapered


Bride Wedding Bridal Hair


Wedding Bridal Photography Pixie

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