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22 Ways to Embrace Your Cute Nails

22 Ways to Embrace Your Cute Nails:

Are you feeling insecure because of your plain nails? Well, that’s okay to feel it since it is very normal for us, but obviously, you need to reconsider those random insecurities. From now on, start to keep in mind that you have very cute plaint nails and even when you have the short nails, you can still have the nail extension. These are tips you can do to embrace your cute short nails.

1. Remove Cuticles

There are various cuticle removers you can try in the nail art stores. You need to take the cuticles out of the edge of your nails so that it won’t fill your nail edge. By this technique, you will get more spaces on the nail tip, and your nails will look longer than it is. To do this, note that you have to be careful to use the cuticle remover so that it won’t hurt your skin. After getting rid of those cuticles, then you are ready to apply your favourite nail polish onto them.

Easy way to remove cuticles by applying the base coat for your nails.

Remove the cuticles on your nails by applying the lotion.

Clean under the edge of the nail to remove the cuticles.

Give perfect nail shape to remove the cuticles.

Add the lotion into your cuticle.

Remove the old nail polish so that your nails look beautiful.

Soak the nail into the warm water then wrap in with the small towel.

The cuticles remover uses special scissors tool.


2. Nail Art Techniques for Longer Nail Illusion

There are many ways on how to create illusions for a longer nail illusion, like choosing the nude colour, shape them just like an almond shape, use shimmery nail polish, or creating contour with dark colours. You can also create illusions by drawing patterns that would just boost your short nails cuteness. Just choose the best way that suits you, explore your creativity and be careful with the nail art technique that you use for your cute short nails.

Almond shape acrylic nails with nude shiny look.

Almond shaped nails with nude nail polish color in chevron design that suitable for your nail style.

Almond shaped nails with soft pink nail polish that match with your skin.

French almond shaped nails with nude polish combined with white for your simple but stylish nail.

Cute heart pattern in almond shaped nails with nude and red color.

Nude almond shaped nails are very suitable for you who love simplicity.

Short almond shaped nails with nude color which really work well for this skin color.

Cute almond shaped nails in white shape pattern with stone accent that suitable for your wedding nail style.


3. Use Pop-Art Nails 

In case you want to make your nails look trendy, the pop art nails will be the answer for you. It might be too stand out, but it is really unique and adorable. Here, if you have the cheerful personality, then this nail art is the match style for you.

This simple spiral freehand nail art with purple as the dominant colors.

Pop-art nail that suits your style with black and white polka dots.

Pop-art nail with a thick blue color and Superman motif as the superhero theme.

Cute Pop-art nail art with Marylin Monroe pattern in thick yellow face motifs and mozaic motifs for your nails.

Nail art with blue polka dot pop-art that adds motifs in ‘BANG’ and ‘POM’ word pattern.

Pop-art nail art with ombre nail style in seaweed motifs to beautify your nails.


Well, these are just the way how to embrace your cute short nails, but after all, you need to start building confidence from inside of yourself. Just keep your head up, beauties!

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