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21 Gorgeous Glitter Nail Art Ideas

21 Gorgeous Glitter Nail Art Ideas: The year is not over yet. There are two year-end parties you can still attend, whether it is Christmas or New Year’s Eve. For them, you would like your glitter fall nails to complement your overall look. Of course, you have to choose the right ones to appear gorgeous.

There are many ways to have gorgeous, glitter fall nails for year-end events. Check out these references!

1. Glittering Nails

It is the most thematic idea for your year-end events — for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. You can choose two fingers for plainly decorated nails while the rest are sparkling with glitter fall nails.

The beauty of the nails in red is very attractive. Moreover, the glitter on the ring finger and on the tip of the nails will make the beauty of your nails more beautiful.

This nail art is suitable to celebrate the end of your year. Add a little glitter, will increase the beauty of your nails.

Impressed with beautiful nicks glitter, this nail art is very suitable for your Christmas party. Combined with red color, it will add the beauty of your nail design.

2. Dark Teardrop Tips.

Black does not always mean it is gloomy. Black can also mean formal and artistic. For your year-end events, these dark teardrop-shaped design and soft white glitter on your nails will go just about right with any outfit you might want to wear for the occasion.

Unique color combinations created in this nail art. Here the black color can give an extraordinary impression on your nails.

Look more attractive with black nail art. Here, the black color gives you beauty and an elegant impression.


Beautiful combination contained in this nail art. Glossy, dark and glitter in nail art gives an extraordinary charming impression.

Charming nail art created with a combination of glossy black colors, as well as glitter additions on the ring finger. Here, you will feel interesting and amazing color vibrations.


3. Leaf Manicure.

If you do not feel like standing out so much, you can go with this idea. The fall nail polish in soft color will tone down your mood. Match this idea up with an elegant outfit, whether a simple LBD (little black dress) or anything maroon.

With autumn leaves drawn, this nail art is even more interesting to celebrate your winter. Now, you will feel the thrill of autumn through your nail art.

With a charming color that integrated with the autumn leaves, this nail art is suitable for you to try. Here, this nail art will add beauty during the autumn celebration.

Cutting leaves with beautiful glitter, adds to the beauty of your nail art. Enjoy the beauty of this attractive nail art to welcome your fall.


Simple, this maple leaf painting on the ring finger is perfect for your autumn nail design. Here, although simple, it looks very pretty adorning your ring finger.

This red and white nail color combination is perfect for your fall celebration. Here you can decorate with maple leaves to create beauty on your nails.

This nail polish brings beauty to your design. In addition, you can add maple leaf paintings to beautify your winter nail art.

4. Glitter Dots

You do not have to cover all your nails with glitter polish. With this idea, focus on the tips of each nail. Leave at least two-thirds of your nails with clear, glossy polish. Of course, you know which polish should be applied first; it is the glossy one.

Create a polka dot style on your nail art. Add the glitter to beautify your polka dot nail designs.

This unique color combination gives the beauty of your nail art. With polka dot and glitter affixes, you will feel the perfect beauty.

The combination of nail art with glitter and polka-dot style is suitable to decorate your nails. Here, the appearance of your nails will be more beautiful and attractive.

Beautiful combinations created with unique colors. With polka dot design, the pink, black, and white colors can add the beauty of your nail art.


5. Glitter Triangle Nails.

Want to go super chic instead of simple? Use a contrasting idea like Glitter Triangle Nails. A combination of glittery triangle and plum-coloured nails will make your nails look unique. Working on these glitter fall nails may require patience and accuracy, but it is worth it.

This pink triangle shape is suitable to decorate your nail art. With an attractive glitter, your nail art is getting more and more interesting.

The combination of black and triangular shapes on the nails adds an elegant impression. Here, you can carve a triangle with gold color to add beauty.


Although applied at the tip of the nail, this golden triangle adds the beauty of your nail art. This nail design is perfect for celebrating this year’s fall party.

This one is beautiful nail art with attractive triangle design. Here, the triangles with glitter further enhance your nail art design.

So, are you ready to finish this year with a bang? Have fun with these gorgeous, glitter fall nails.

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