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21 Bright Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts in Spring 2019

Bright Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts

Everything you wanted to know about dyeing short hair – the latest trends

Short haircut requires special attention when it comes to creating a hairstyle. It will not be possible to build spectacular tails, braids, beams, and so on. To create a unique style and image will help staining for short hair, which will allow you to present a haircut in the most favorable perspective.

Especially since women’s curls can be painted really beautifully, using modern variants of coloring.

Types of dyeing for short hair


Perhaps the most suitable option for women who have decided to dye their hair at home. This technique involves the use of one color that matches the shade of the hair.

What you need to know:

if you already have dyed strands, do not expect that you will get the shade that is indicated on the paint. Together with the available pigment, the new dye can give a completely unexpected color. In order to increase the chances of obtaining the desired tone, it is better to process a previously painted head of hair with a special wash;
resorting to home coloring, it is better to abandon the experiments with a sharp change of colors. To turn from a brunette into a blonde or vice versa, it is better under the experienced guidance of a master.


It is a clarification (or painting) of individual strands. In the modern beauty industry, highlighting implies different types of coloring: Californian (variety – Venetian), French (mameshes), American, shatush, balayazh, ombre and others. Each is distinguished by the use of paints and the execution procedure itself, which makes it possible to obtain stylish and unusual coloring.

Especially effectively on a short haircut falls California highlighting, during which dark roots and a light, contrast, shine of the tips are created.

You can see how the highlights are applied to the hair.


Such painting on short hair is done quite often. The hair gets additional volume, and the curls themselves are poured with several shades of similar colors. Especially well balayazh falls on the square with lengthening.

In the process of dyeing short hair, the master makes sweeping movements with a brush, applying paint. The hue and intensity of tone in each section of the strand are selected depending on the length of the curls, the shape of the face and other factors. The emphasis is on the ends. In addition, the technique is classified as complex, so it is better to do this kind of highlighting in the cabin.

The advantages of balayazha are:

getting a beautiful color like rose gold hair color for short hair;

not all hairs are affected, which means that the harm is minimal.


Another modern short hair coloring. As a rule, ombre is performed for hair in two colors: dark roots become light and vice versa. Double coloring on short curls in the technique of ombre involves the use of not only natural (or close to them) shades.

Trends dictate their own rules, and those who like to stand out in a crowd use bright, noticeable shades for ombre: blue, purple, fiery red, etc. Of course, a very short haircut will not allow you to create noticeable transitions, but a beautiful painting for four of a kind is provided to you.

Well ombra and lays on a bob car. To emphasize the outlines of the finished haircut, the shortest part, the back of the head, you can not paint, but create the necessary color transitions on the upper part of the hair.

Shatush (sombre)

For kare shatush will be an excellent option. This technique has a lot in common with ombre, but the transitions are made smoother, natural shades are used, with the effect of strands sunburned. Like an ombre and balayazh, regrown roots on a shatusha look imperceptibly for a long time.

Many ideas of dyeing using the short hair shatush technique can be found on our website.

Stencil (foot)

So creative coloring of short hair is not very popular. In this paper, the master creates on the head of hair a selected pattern in various colors.

As a rule, short-lived dyes, which are quickly washed away, are used for this. To make the picture look like it was intended, the curls straighten, and the print itself is applied through the selected template (stencil).


The name comes from the words “brown” and “blond”. The highlighting is carried out with the help of coffee, brown and golden colors.

Light strands against a dark background create beautiful highlights. And the painting technique itself involves staining just below the roots. This allows you to make the adjustment much less frequently, since the roots, as they grow, remain invisible.

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