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20+ Short Sassy Haircuts for Chic View

The fashion trend of long and luscious locks is long gone. People are now enjoying short sassy haircuts for chic view. The trend of a blunt layered cut and short freshly styled hair is all over the magazine. Do you want to switch your look and experiment with your style?

Short hair with a blunt edge or feathered layers is a great option. A few subtle highlights, lowlights, or baby lights are also super trendy. It is super annoying to style long hair; hence people often keep them in a bun or ponytail. However, if you are looking for an edgy and low-maintenance hairstyle, we have got your back.

How to make your haircut look chic and sassy?

You can ask your hairstylist to add the following things to your haircut to make it look classier and more stylish:

  • Face framing layers
  • Blunt edge
  • Asymmetry
  • Multiple lengths for dimension
  • Warm baby lights

Short sassy haircuts are taking the world by storm and becoming the latest trend. Hence, if you still sport a long mane, then consider getting a short sassy haircut. Keep reading to get short hair inspiration:

1. Short sassy haircuts

Bob has one of the most favorite hairstyles of women. Now, there are different types of bobs, but earlier, the classic bob was a rage. Bob is a nape or shoulder-length hairstyle which is cut at an angle to give hair a dimension. It is a bouncy and super chic hairstyle that looks great on all kinds of hair, especially fine and straight.

Short Sassy Haircuts

  • Super short bob

Super short bob looks exceptionally classy and chic on women. The hair is longer from the front, but they are ear length from the back. A super short bob is defined with a razor machine at the nape to give an edgier look. It is the best hairstyle for super-hot regions. It is low-maintenance, especially on silky hair.

Super short bob

  • Full stacked bob

A full stacked bob is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it looks incredibly classy and experimental. The overall length at the back is the same; hence, the hair seems stacked at the nape. People usually sport this hairstyle with short bangs for an edgier look.

Full stacked bob

  • Inverted bob

An inverted bob looks super stylish and bouncy, especially with a few face-framing layers. It is the hottest hairstyle of the decade, as most celebrities are seen sporting it. The hair is nape length, but the front hair is 3 to 4 inches longer than the back hair.

Inverted bob

  • Chin-length Bob

A chin-length bob looks super chic and stylish, especially in the scorching heat. They are chin-length with thin layers to give more volume at the crown portion. It looks beautiful with lowlights and beachy waves.

Chin-length Bob

  • Short combover bob

The short combover bob is a super effortless hairstyle that anyone can carry easily. It is above shoulder-length bob with same length hair all over. It perfectly accentuates the jawline and face structure.

Short combover bob

2. Short And Sassy Pixie Haircut

A pixie haircut is in trend these days; the overall hair length is 3-inches. The pixie haircut can be of the same length, at an angle, blunt or layered. However, it looks super chic and sassy on both young and older women.

Short and Sassy Haircuts

  • Pixie wedge

The pixie wedge haircut is usually longer from the top and one side. It is super short from the back and one side. Most famous singers sport this hairstyle, and it looks super sassy, especially with bold hair color.

Pixie wedge

  • Classic pixie haircut

The classic pixie haircut is an old hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. The haircut is blunt and edge; it has an overall equal length. Sometimes, people prefer to keep hair a little longer from the crown portion for a sassy look. It looks stunning with cool-toned hair dyes such as a platinum or silver blond color.

Classic pixie haircut

  • Pixie Bob

Pixie bob is a trendy hairstyle that you see a lot of celebrities sporting on the red carpet. It is slightly longer than the classic pixie cut but still super trimmed at the neck area. The pixie length gives women more hair coloring options.

Pixie Bob

  • Pixie Razor cut

If you wish to have a blunt haircut with sharp edges, then a pixie razor cut is the hairstyle for you. It has sharp layers in the crown area while the layers relax at the nape portion. It looks incredibly sophisticated and a perfect hairstyle for working women. It is low-maintenance and looks mind-blowing with hair color.

Pixie Razor cut

  • Pixie with fused layers

Pixie with fused layers looks exceptionally classy, especially on naturally blond hair. It is the classic undercut with lots of layers in the top portion. Pixie haircut with fused layers looks extremely stunning if you opt for two-tone hair color. However, it can be hard to maintain fashion colors such as red, purple, blue, etc.

3. Short Sassy Layered Haircut

Layers have been in fashion since the late 90s, and they look incredibly classy. It suits the best on people with fine hair as it makes their hair look thick and chic. It is an ideal haircut if you want to stay away from heating tools to style your hair as they already look polished.

Short Sassy Haircuts 2019

  • Shoulder-length layers

Shoulder-length layers have been the ultimate jazz of many women as it makes it more manageable. The face-framing layers give the fame a slimmer look and make your personality shine. They look exceptional with warm highlights, especially on brunettes.

Shoulder-length layers

  • Layered choppy hairstyle

A choppy layered hairstyle is a straight chop with layers on the top portion. The haircut looks extraordinarily chic and effortless even without using heating tools. It makes hair super bouncy and weightless.

Layered choppy hairstyle

  • Short messy layers

There is nothing trendier than short messy layers. The undone and effortless look where your hair looks like you did not brush it, but in a cute way. It gives so much volume to your hair and a lot of movement also. It is the perfect hairstyle to sport in the summer season.

Short messy layers

  • Soft and edgy layered shag

Soft and edgy layered shag has remained in style for quite a while, and still, people like it a lot. It is an effortless hairstyle as it does not need any styling. The front part of your hair is short; you can call it bangs or fringes. At the same time, the back portion of your hair is short and full of feathery layers.

Soft and edgy layered shag

  • Short razored hair

If you like to experiment with your hair and like a clean look, then short razored hair is for you. The ends of the hair are super sharp, and the layers stand out. Mostly, people like to carry this hairstyle in summer when the heat is unbearable. This hairstyle looks stunning with multi tone hair color.

Short razored hair

4. Short And Sassy Feathered Haircuts

Feathered haircuts were most popular in the 1970s when women started exploring different haircut options. Feathers give your hair a ton of volume and an edgy look. It looks gorgeous on women of all ages and all hair types.

  • Razor cut feathered hairstyle

Razored cut feathered hairstyle is excellent, especially for women who love to sport blunt haircuts. It is a 90s hairstyle, but it still looks great on people with a square face.

Razor cut feathered hairstyle

  • Curved fringes for feathers

Curved fringes are for people who lie to experiment with their hairstyles. The fringes are curved in an inward form, while the rest of the hair is short and feathered. It looks super edgy and chic when done right.

Curved fringes for feathers

  • Swept-back feathered hairstyle

The swept-back hairstyle looks beautiful on women who like a bossy look. It is a super short haircut, but the sleek back look is perfect for daily wear. It is a hassle-free yet stylish hairstyle.

Swept-back feathered hairstyle

  • Cropped feathered haircut

A cropped feathered haircut is extremely short, but women who have the confidence make it look super chic. Women usually get this haircut with full bangs as it adds to the hairstyle. It looks stunning with multi tone hair dye and also soft beachy waves.

Cropped feathered haircut

  • Blonde fringes with feathered chop

Blonde fringe with feathered chop is seen mainly on older women as it looks great on mature people. However, it is coming back into fashion, and young women are also opting for this hairstyle. It provides volume and body to the hair, making it look luscious.

Blonde fringes with feathered chop

5. Stylish Short Haircut for Women

Short Sassy Haircuts for Women

6. Cute Sassy Red Colored Short Haircut

Cute Sassy Short Haircuts

7. White Hair Color

Short and Sassy White Haircuts-6

8. Blonde Balayages

Short and Sassy Haircuts Blonde Balayages-7

9. Pixie Cut Back View

Short and Sassy Pixie Haircuts-8

10. Very Short Bob

Short Bob and Sassy Haircuts-9

11. Layered Brown Pixie

Layered Short and Sassy Haircuts-10

12. Cute Boyish Haircut

Cute Short and Sassy Haircuts-11

13. Curly Blonde Hair

Short and Sassy Blonde Haircuts-12

14. Asymmetric Hair Cut

Short Asymmetric and Sassy Haircuts-13

15. Short Side Layered Long Pixie

Short and Sassy Layered Haircuts-14

16. Long Side Bangs

Short and Sassy Side Bangs Haircuts-15


Short and Sassy Haircuts-16


Short and Sassy Haircuts-17


Short and Sassy Haircuts-18


Short and Sassy Haircuts-19


Short and Sassy Haircuts-20


Short and Sassy Haircuts-21


Short and Sassy Haircuts-22


Every person has a different choice when it comes to hairstyle and hair length. Hair adds to a person’s personality and makes them look more polished and put-together. You can opt for short and sassy haircuts for chic view. It is good to experiment rather than putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail. You can have a look at these hairstyles for inspiration.

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