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16 Luxurious Dinner Date with Winter Louboutin Nail

Regardless of with whom you will spend your dinner date this winter, you will need to have a special look for this! We are all so crazy about this red sole high heel shoes (I know you know already what is this brand and yes, it is Louboutin!). Your dinner will be extra special and luxury with the winter Louboutin nail art.

Have you ever considered to have this winter Louboutin nail art to rock your dinner date? The luxury value of this brand is no doubt, yet the signature color of this brand is also added a subtle of mystery. Black and red, the deadly combination colors to give a mysterious, strong and luxurious impression.

Here some ideas for black and red Louboutin signature colors.

1. Glossy Black and Red Nail Art

For a classic glossy look, you can paint five fingers red on one hand and five fingers black on the other hand. This combination will look good and unique, yet simple and stylish. You will definitely catch the attention of your guy during the winter dinner date night.

The glossy black and red nail art design will make you stand out from the rest and will receive good praise.
Glossy nails are the trend right now The combination of black and red can be the best nail style and is far more dramatic.
Choose plain nails design. These charming glossy nails will become a trendy style wherever you go. The combination of black and red is the right mainstay color.


Black and red nail art that is complemented with a touch of flowers will enhance your nail design, so the style you choose is unique and appropriate for dinner in winter.


Add a glossy touch to your nails. Having a red base will make it stand out if it is equipped with a black leaf design. This nail art adds glam and shine.


2. Matte Black and Red Nail Art

Matte is also a good option if you were already tired with the glossiness of nail polish. This one looks modern and sophisticated.

Matte nails look very sophisticated but are easy to do. Apply black paint to the top and to complete the look apply red paint to the bottom.


Apply black paint to the base color of your nail art design. To make it look more attractive, add a little red paint in the shape of dots and hearts to create an amazing effect.


A matte black base with a cute red tip looks amazing. You can have dinner with confidence in the winter.


3. Cracked Nail Polish

Cracked nail polish is another design that you can try if you want to have a bit intriguing design.

Bright cracked nail polish has become a trend for a long time. A touch of glitter gold will add to the design of your nails look glamours. You can try it now.
Pastel colors combined with black paint will liven up your cracked nail polish. Bright colors create a pleasing design that many people like.
Cracked nail polish will add the sparkle you need. Pair purple nail polish with a slight touch of blue for an easy and attractive solution.
Use bold colors to get glamours nail art style at a fancy winter dinner. Silver glitter provides maximum perfection.


4. Half-Moon Black and Red Nail Art

Half-moon, another classic yet never failed to amaze people. It also makes your nail looks longer. You can try this and play with how do you wanted to modify the half-moon position. The half-moon could be on the bottom or the top of your fingers.

Paint your nails with a half-moon black and red design to get stunning and perfect results when in a crowd. This nail art design is suitable for winter 2020.
Half-moon black and red nail art will show off the elegant and refined side, add sparkle to create maximum elegance and glamours.
Adding a gold accent to the half-moon black and red nail designs will attract the attention of those around you. You can try this to perfect your winter clothes.


Glossy half-moon black and red nail designs will showcase the latest styles in winter. This design looks contrasting and cool.


Those are some ideas you can choose to have the winter Louboutin nail art. Maybe you even can add some ornaments if you want. Have a lovely dinner date!

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