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15 Warm and Classy Winter with Shades of Grey Nail Art

Winter is around the corner, the cold and snowy time will be coming soon! The temptation to curl up inside your warm blanket while sipping a cup of hot chocolate while listening to jazz music, reading a book or watching Netflix is already there.

In this kind of season not only your body needs to be pampered with the warmth and coziness, but also your look needs it! If you already prepared stylish and warm outfits, then you need some additional touch on your fingers too. For this time we have picked the grey color for you.

These are some great ideas for warm and classy winter look with shades of grey nail art.

1. Metallic Grey Nail

You can rock the day with metallic grey color nail art. This one of shades of grey nail art looks edgy and sophisticated. It also looks modern with some additional gradient and geometric ornament. This look is ready to steal the spotlight at a party.

An attractive gray color for winter nail art can enhance your appearance that is more edgy. Combine with geometric designs for a stylish look.
The metallic gray winter nail art design is perfect for making you look glamorous this winter. Add geometric lines for an extraordinary display.
Applying metallic gray nail to get an amazing impression on your nails. Add geometric lines suitable for you want to look elegant in this winter.


2. Matte Grey Nail

If you want to look a little bit modern and simple, try this matte grey nail. It doesn’t need many ornaments to make it look fabulous. You can go to work and attending a formal meeting with this one.

Matte gray nail art is suitable for you to try in winter if you want to look minimalist. Give accent arise to beautify your nails.


Combine your dark grey nail art with white glitter to get an amazing impression on your nails. This color combination is suitable if you want to look simple yet elegant this winter.


A combination of ombre matte dark grey for your winter nail art can make your nails looks simple yet stylish.


3. Pale Grey Nail

Not a fan of dark grey? Don’t you worry, sweetheart.  There is a pale grey nail as an option. You can hit the day with this pale grey. It looks warm and effortless on your finger. Also, you can add some ornaments or gradients on it.

The pale gray nail art design is perfect for winter to make a warm impression but effortless. Mix with white to make your nails look beautiful in winter.


Pale gray nail art is suitable to make you look stylish and warm this winter. You can combined with marble nail designs to complete your nails in winter.


Applying pale gray and black colors for winter nail art is suitable to create an attractive and elegant look this winter.


4. Silver Chrome Nail

With the metallic finish and shimmering silver shade, this shade of grey nail art is timeless and modern, feminine yet funky. This gorgeous color will accompany you to go everywhere you want.

The perfect winter nail art design using sparkling chrome silver nail art to create an elegant design on your nails.


Nail art design with silver chrome color can make you look elegant this winter. Add geometric patterns to the nails to get attractive nail designs.


Cute nail art in chrome silver designs is suitable if you want to look funky. Make your nails come alive by adding shiny silver to stay stylish in winter.


5. Grey Nail Polish with Pink Specs

Feeling more girly in this winter, yet you want to have the warm look on your fingers? Worry no more, you can combine the grey nail with pink and glitter. Then, you are ready to meet everyone with this cute combination color.

Combine your grey nail art with pink color to get a girly and warm impression at the same time this winter. Add patterns arise to create a truly classy ensemble.


Blend of gray with pink gradient to make your nails looks warm and girly. Added with geometric accents to make your nails more attractive.


If you have painted your nails with gray, you can add pink color to make your nails looks beautiful and girly. Beside that it can make your nails looks warm for this winter.


The shades of grey nail art is not as boring as people thought, it can be warm, edgy, feminine and unique at the same time.

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