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15 The Gold and Beads Winter Nail Art Inspiration

When talking about winter holiday decorations, we never get bored in seeing the red and green combination. However, seeing it on your nails seems a little horrible.

If you are insisting on using red theme nail art during winter, the combination of red and gold would be a perfect choice. It would make your nails look dazzling during the freezing temperature and an excellent inspiration for the gold and beads winter nail art.

Classic nail art is the perfect theme for winter. The ultimate goal for winter nail art is to find the color combination as neutral as possible. You can use glitters or floral designs, but you have to make it neutral.

Painting the underside of the nail is also the best choice for winter nail art. Moreover, there are also five outstanding choices for the gold and beads winter nail art inspiration.

1. Red, White, and Gold

You can add hand-drawn to make your red and gold design look neutral. Use the red and gold combination as a background and then make a white French manicure on the tip of your nails.

Charming winter nail designs with red, glitter gold, and white colors nail paint. Gold chevron lines on the white color make your nails look more nuanced.
Red wine and gold glitter symbolize true glamor, while white is neutral for softness. Small accents are added so it doesn’t look monotonous.
Bright red successfully blends with gold and white glitter with black dot accents. This will make you appear confident in this winter.


2. Red and Gold Glitter

If you want to look dazzling, the red and gold glitter combination would be the best. Put red as a base color and then add gold glitter on the tip. You can also put horizontal gold glitter in the center of your nails.

Beautiful red nail design with gold glitter accents studded on the tip of the nail. This might be an inspiration for your nail style this winter.


With bright and dynamic red and gold, you can glorify your nails. Add a little red paint on your nails and coat it with golden shine to achieve this style.
You can also experiment with the pattern of red and gold paint on your nails. Patterned meeting lines and heart accents with gold glitter make your appearance look trendy.


3. Red and Gold Sticker

You can use nail sticker as an alternative for polish and acrylics. Use red as a base coat, and then add small embellishments, such as stars or snowflakes, with gold sticker. This way is cheaper than going to salon.

Just add the golden snowflake sticker on the metallic red nail polish to get this carefree manicure.


To get a luxurious nail appearance, this glossy red color is the answer. Add a gold colored with floral motifs sticker to get a charming winter nails look.
Gold stickers with traditional motifs adorn this red nail. This luxurious appearance does not take long to make.


4. Red and Gold Gemstone

If you want to go to a formal party, this combination is an excellent choice. Use red color as a base coat and then add press regal golden gemstone on the tip of your nails.

The reddish nail colors are self-evident, with additional crown-shaped gemstones complementing the elegant winter drama.
Red nails with gems, buttons, and rhinestones make your manicure sparkle and attract more attention to it.


Red nail polish is the most universally preferred color for every woman who helps her to feel confident. Just add full gold gemstones to one nail for an attractive appearance.


5. Red and Gold Crackle Nail Polish

If you search on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, This combination is the most favorite for youngsters. Use the dark red as a base coat and add a layer of golf crackle nail polish.Those are our five recommendations for the gold and beads winter nail art. Hopefully, it would make your nails look astonishing during the gloomy winter.

Stylish winter nail style with a dark red base. A layer of gold crackle nail polish creates drama on the appearance of your nails.


Simple but attractive nail design with gold crackle nail polish over a red coating. This accent is deliberately made thin for beautiful color gradations.


Don’t be afraid to be creative with gold and red on your nails. With this crackle motif, anyone can make it to improve the appearance throughout the winter.


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