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15 Poppy Red Nail Art Ideas to Copy to Your Amazing Winter

What could be merrier than having a touch of bright poppy red during the winter? Poppy red nail is something classic that works perfectly to raise your spirit and show a lively side of you. If you are in the red-mani team, check out these fun and pretty nail arts for your amazing winter.

1. Winter Flower Bloom

Let’s get flowery with this nail design. You simply need to apply poppy red polish on your nails but use solid white burnish for your index and middle fingers. To match the rosy poppy and the white one, draw a little red flower on the white base along with a tiny green stem.

Red nail art looks very perfect for your winter appearance. Choosing a blooming flower design will make you look more feminine and elegant.


The combination of white and red will never fail for your winter nails. Add blooming flower accents to enhance your style so it looks more stunning.


Almond nail art design with a combination of white and red looks attractive for winter nail designs. Blossoming flowers will give you an elegant winter look.


2. Poppy Red Kisses

This nail decoration idea is as sweet as a kiss. Do almost exactly like the winter flower bloom steps. However, on your white painted nails, you sketch lip pattern. Two kisses for each of your index and middle fingers.  This pretty poppy red and white combo surely gives a fabulous romantic twist for your winter.

Red nail art with kisses design gives you a younger look so you will appear confident in the winter.


Long nail art with a combination of white and red will improve your appearance so it looks more cheerful. Adding kisses accents will make you look younger and trendier in winter.
Long nail art in red will improve your appearance so it looks more attractive. Choosing a kisses accent will make your appearance look more attractive.


3. Red and Black Nail Art

Red and black are really compatible colors that go great together. You can recreate this look by applying poppy red colors on your nails but opting black color base for your ring finger. On the black-polished nail, create two tiny red hearts with shimmering red. This adorable nail art is worth a try.

Red and black are truly compatible colors that fit together. Add heart accents to enhance the design of your nails so they look amazing.


Short nail art with a combination of black and red really looks compatible so that it fits together. A heart accent on a sweet nail will look simple but still amazing in winter.


Combining black and red for winter nail designs is the perfect idea because it will look suitable. Adding red heart accents to black nails will make your nails look more beautiful.


4. White Dots on Poppy Red

White dots and red is popular and loveable vintage pattern. Recreating this tone on your nail art will not fail making you look fabulous. Simply apply red polish and once they dry, create white dots orderly. Use a toothpick for it.

Red nails look amazing to enhance your winter style so they look more cheerful. The white dots on the red nails look simple but still look cute in winter.
Beautiful woman style in winter with red nail art look more cheerful. Adding a white dot design will improve your appearance so that it looks more perfect.
Nail art with white dot motif looks simple but perfect in winter. Choose red nail polish to improve your appearance so it looks more cheerful.

 5. Red with Stones

The touch of glossy poppy red and nail art stone gives you a dazzling look. Grab glittering nail art stone, apply them on your poppy-red-polished nails and give one more layer of polish to make them stick together stronger. The sparkling art will give a zing to your winter look. Poppy red nail is a classic you’ll never want to miss out especially during this winter season. The bright stunning color and little touchy art will enlighten your wintry days.

Almond red nail art with stone accents will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.
Red is an amazing color for your winter nails. Adding stone accents will improve the design of your nails so they look more perfect.
Long nail art with stone accents will make you look more classy so that you will appear confident. Using the color of the palette will make you look more cheerful in the winter.

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