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15 Anti-French Winter Nail Art Ideas You Can’t Resist

For us who always think about our nails and love to cheerful our moment, anti-French winter nail art can be the coolest idea to do. Because stay warm and look good seems not good enough.

We already feel the chill air after the Autumn heat. Now as the coldest season of the year is coming, it has become our excuse to try out new nail art. Because there is no better reason than a new season. Now let’s take a look and bring them to our next nail appointment.

1. The Elegant Black 

So many colors representing the winter season. Have someone told you that black nail polish might be boring for winter? Break the myth and make your winter outfit stand out with the elegant black.

Black will not be so boring if you combine with some perfect colors. And nothing more elegant than a black and gold winter nail art.

Having the right nail design will make you look more beautiful and look confident. Black nails with a combination of gold will make you look more elegant in winter.

Black matte nails with gold snowflake accents look simple but are perfect for your style in winter.


Black nail polish will make you look elegant in winter so it will look confident. Combine black with gold so it will look more classy.


2. Matte Lover

For the matte lover, pretty sure you can’t resist trying the anti-French winter nail art. No worries, they work perfectly for matte too. Because matte nail color can give warmth to this cold weather. You can also experiment with any different designs. Add some tribal design on your nail that would be nice.

Matte nail art design is perfect for winter nail designs because the matte nail color can provide warmth in winter. Adding some tribal designs to the nails will make your nails look attractive.

The owl’s tribal face design for matte nail art looks more creative so it will improve your appearance so it is more attractive. Blending red, white and black is perfect for the design of your winter nails.

Short nail art with a matte color will provide warmth in cold weather. Adding a tribal design to your nail art will make your appearance more trendy.


3. Half Moon Design

The half-moon design remains a very popular nail art idea. Except because it is so simple to do, it’s so fun to make the design with any color. You can also mix the half-moon design with another design, a star is the most likely. This will make your Anti-French winter nail simply beautiful.

If you want to look perfect, choosing the right nail design is the solution. Half-moon nail design with a combination of black and gold will make you look elegant in the winter so it will look confident.

A half-moon nail design is a simple way to improve your appearance on a cold winter so it looks stunning. Combining soft colors with bright color will provide a contrast that looks amazing so you will look stunning.

Using a half moon nail design is a very popular nail art idea that will make you look trendy. Add diamond accessories to enhance your nail design so that it looks classy.


4. Sparkling Triangle

Provide a classy contrast by apply glitter triangle design on your tips with a bright color. And for the rest of your nail, you can use soft color. This design and color are thumbs up.

Beige nail art designs look simple but are perfect for your winter nails. Adding a sparkling triangle design on the tip of the nail will make your nails look more stunning.

Almond nail art design with pink nail color looks cute and suitable for your winter nails. Just add a sparkling triangle design at the base of the nail with a silver color so that it will look more luxurious.

Short nail art design with soft colors will enhance your appearance so it looks more beautiful. Use the sparkling triangle design on the tip of your nails to make it look more attractive so that it will appear confident.


5. Chocolate and White 

Is the season reminds you so much of a cup of hot chocolate? Make yourself comfortable and color your nail with delicious chocolate color. And of course, marshmallows on hot chocolate will delight your mood. So you can always combine chocolate and white color on your winter nail art ideas.

Since the winter is come and go, always put these Anti-French winter nail art design as your favorite because they can always warm your winter and lighten your mood.

Chocolate nail art design will give you a happy feeling in winter. Add a white leaf design so that it will be a perfect winter nail art.


Combining brown and white to design your winter nails is the perfect idea. Because it will resemble marshmallow on hot chocolate so it will please your mood.


Almond nails with brown nail color will improve your appearance to look more perfect and classy. Add white lace motifs so that you will look elegant and perfect for your winter nails.


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