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13 Winter Mysterious Impression with This Black and Silver Half Moon Nail

Here we go again, the winter season is coming! Have you planned any date nights with your boyfriend? Maybe for the single ladies out there is a date night with the potential new boyfriend? Well, either way, you must be so thrilled to give them a special and impressive look for the date. How about rocking out your look with the mysterious, yet elegant impression?

If you already had an outfit idea for this night, then you only need to add a little bit additional touch with your nail art. Those little fingers of yours will play a big deal in here. Make them look and want to touch those fingers.

Maybe you are wondering now, what kind of nail art I can try? We have some ideas for you in case you are asking! You can try the black and silver half-moon nail to give an impression of your mysterious side. Here are some options for this theme design:

1. Black Half-Moon Nails with Silver Dotted Leaves Nail

With black color in a half-moon shape as the base and the silver dotted leaves for the ornament, you will look glamorous and chic at the same time. The subtle mystery is still there without being too much.

Use a leaf decoration on a half moon black nail when designing your silver black nails. This is an interesting modern touch.
Add leaf design to black half-moon nails for efficient results. Complete with rings to complete it.
Glossy half-moon black nails with a leaf design make this style look attractive in winter. These nails will advertise when others see you.

2. Matte Black and Silver Half-Moon Nail

Not a fan of the shimmering and glossy nail? You can go to this matte look! Mysterious and simple, this look will fit for the girl who doesn’t want the glossy nails.

The combination of matte black and silver is an easy choice when painting nails. Silver polish adds sparkle to your nail design.
Silver sparkle combined with glitter makes black surface nails look even more pretty and funny. This nail design also looks cool.
Matte black nails with the addition of a little silver on the tips of the nails will provide the perfect nail polish design for you.
Painting matte black and silver on each nail is a beautiful design that you should try. This nail design looks simple but attractive.
Matte black and silver will be a trendy nail design in 2020. This color is a pleasant combination for a casual nail appearance.

3. Black and Silver Glittery Half-Moon Nail

The glossy black nail polish will be the base here. Half-moon is the shimmering silver nail polish. This is another simple look you can have, yet glamour and elegance at the same time. Be sophisticated in an effortless way.

Black color will give the mysterious aura, silver boost the elegance side, while half-moon enhances your femininity. Are you ready to own the night with your black and silver half-moon nail art, girls?

If you’ve painted your nails with black matte then complete with shiny silver so that the appearance of the nails looks more attractive and pretty.
Black matte design on your nails with the addition of shimmering silver vibrations will look perfect and much easier than you think.
Black half moon nails combined with a hint of shimmering silver vibrations will provide a modern design that is trending in 2020.
Simple yet attractive nail design with a combination of sparkling black and silver half moon gives a modern touch that suits you.
Shimmering silver in black nail polish can enhance the design of beautiful nail art.

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