There are things that everyone does when they are not being watched. They may be the simplest and silly things in the world, but for sure, you do not go out there assuming for everyone. Maybe, after reading this story and finding out that these things are more common than you think, do not feel so intimidated anymore and assume that, in most cases, you do too.

It is important to remember that we do not intend to criticize, judge, much less impose absolute truths. Our goal is unique and exclusive to inform and entertain. Therefore, the content of this article is intended for those who are interested and / or identify. Thinking about these things is that the writing of Unknown Facts selected a list of 11 things that all girls do but pretend not to . Check out:


1 – When they get dressed, they are distracted by their own breasts.

2 – They wear the bra as a purse.

Everything that is possible, cell phone, keys, money, if applicable, will be placed there.

3 – Get home and take off the bra, without taking off the blouse.

It’s one of the first things women do. Men have no idea how bras are uncomfortable.

4 – Eat and dirty the middle of the breasts.

This is a reality that often happens, even worse is having to slip your hand covertly to remove the crumbs. I’ll save those for later.

5 – Wear the same bra for several days.

Most women do. To be sure you can still use it, you just smell it. The smell is good.

6 – Speaking of smell, those panties you do not know are clean or dirty.

It ends up doing the same thing, gives a “sniff” just to be sure if it goes to the body or to the basket. Questionable.

7 – Another thing, they love to be “poking” the ingrown hairs.

Come to me sweet prince.

8 – And, some, only depilate the parts that will be shown.

That will be shown to the world, but it is not for laziness (only sometimes), often it is for lack of time even.

9 – Speaking of hair, playing with the “little pentelhinhos” is something that many find fun.

Stay there, lying on the couch / bed, looking for time, just running a hand or pulling them.

10 – There is that moment, after the bath, that it is necessary to take away the hair that was trapped.

A “delicate” moment of great satisfaction when you finally take it all away.

11 – Check the inner absorbent.

You have to make sure that it has not leaked, if its flow is intense or not, in addition, the color must be ok.

So girls, do you guys agree to any of these items? Have you found any error in the matter? Do you have doubts? Do you have any suggestions? Do not forget to comment with us!

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