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10 Prettiest Pastel Hair Colors on Pinterest

Pastel colors were originally used in trendy dressings, but nowadays pastel colors have been used to dye hair. Coloring your hair with pastels is an easy and fun thing to change your total look. The best thing about this coloring trend is the possibility to personalize it according to your taste. You can keep your natural hair color and get some pastel highlights that complement or search for funky pastel rainbow hair.

1. Pastel Apple Green Hair


Green works well on its own or along with black, brown, or blonde base. The green color adds a trendy touch to your hair.

2. Lavender Braided Hair


Lavender is a very relaxing color, and this is clearly the best way to emphasis pale skin. Give a feminine impression with a big loose braid.

3. Pretty in Pink


Pink may not be everyone’s favorite color, but it is undeniable that we love this pastel color. It gives us a sweet barbie like appearance.

4. Mint Hair


While pastels can definitely be used together in some awesome combinations, going with a single color set off with very subtle dimensional highlights creates a more elegant style.

5. Ice Ice Baby Blue


Baby blue color works well on hair with a dark base color. Combined with silver will make you look like a snow queen. Queen Elsa, is that you?

6. Sexy Naughty Peachy


This peach hair, which reminds us of dessert, is a fun way to liven up darker blonde hair. Peachy hair is so much fun, and these almost yummy looking curls bring to mind warm summer afternoons outside with a sweet treat. Pastel peachy hair is a perfect color to rock with nude or orange lipstick.

7. Mermaid Aqua Hair


This pastel aqua hairstyle brings up associations with the underwater kingdom. Do a braided mermaid hair style to give a deep impression.

8. Yummy Cotton Candy


This hair color reminds us of the sweetness of cotton candy. To create a cute image, make half braid so that all hair color is seen and add some fancy hairpins.

9. Ash With Pastel Highlights


Ash used to be reserved for older ladies. However, adding in a mix of pastel highlights really brings out the beauty of the silver and makes it a more accessible color for a younger ladies.

10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Make surprise impression with ‘hiding’ rainbow in your hair. You can show it with updo hairstyle or half braid.

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